Wednesday, October 10, 2012

first snowfall

We woke up to snow this morning! I didn't think it would last or stick at all so I didn't send Alec to school with snow pants or gloves or a tuque (Canadian word for beanie). Turns out it did stick, a little bit, and it practically snowed all day. When I picked Alec up from school in the middle of the day the kids wanted to stay outside and make snowballs.  You'd think with not even an inch of snow on the ground they wouldn't be very successful but Alec somehow managed to make a snow ball as big as a large cantaloupe!

I'm too lazy right now to upload the pictures I took with the real camera, so I'll just throw in a stand-in picture I took with my cell phone as I picked up Alec from Piano Lessons.

Ok, so its a week or so later, but here are the pictures I took.

I'm still impressed with how big they got their snowballs considering how little snow was on the ground.

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dixie said...

Oh no! Not snow. At least the first snowfall carries excitement and fun playing in the snow. But it also means that there will be a second and third snowfall. And winter. I'm sorry. Beautiful picture.