Thursday, November 1, 2012


This year we had lots of chances to celebrate Halloween.

First, I was feeling in a crafty mood and wanted to do something fun with the kids and we made Halloween T-shirts using fabric paint and freezer paper. I had the kids draw their own spooky picture and then I helped them draw it BIG on the freezer paper and then they painted them! We even found glow in the dark paint to make the shirts super awesome. The sad thing about this whole experience is that we forgot to wear them before Halloween! We were saving them, and then we forgot about them.


Charlie and Gwen had a nice little Halloween party at their playgroup last Friday. They had Halloween games, enjoyed a super cute shadow puppet show / poem that we tried to copy at home later, wore their costumes and ate huge cookies.

 They got these silly glasses and Gwen looked so funny wearing them while we waited inside the schools boot room to pick up Alec from Kindergarten.

 Friday night we were given tickets to a Spooktacular at the big West Edmonton Mall's indoor amusement park: Galaxy land, costumes encouraged.  We debated getting a sitter and just Chris and I going by ourselves but ended up taking the boys and leaving Gwen to get a good nights sleep since the party didn't even start until 7:30pm.  Good decision. It was fun to go on rides and the boys were so good despite it being so late (it wasn't until the next day that their distress showed....)

 We found some friends to take pictures with!

 The perfect Alec-and-Charlie-sized roller coaster.   I wish I would've gotten a picture of their faces after the first lap! They both looked SOOOO concerned and shocked, but by the end they were smiling and laughing.

 I love their faces in this next one:

 Chris and I were some random Scottish couple. I think we put these ensembles together for our first Halloween as a married couple since Chris had an awesome authentic kilt to work with (a gift from his sister, Jess from her semester in London) and my dress is a hastily cut up dress we found at DI all those 8 years ago.

SHEESH I don't really like these monster posts, but its what I've got to work with at the moment so lets keep plugging on! Next up is Pumpkin Carving.

 I made the mistake of getting pumpkins early (for decoration) and left them outside where they froze in our past weeks of constantly below freezing.  So we had to carve them at a delicate balance between not thawed enough to be mushy but thawed just enough to stick a knife into.  With pot holders to keep our non carving hand from freezing it was actually quite easy to scrape them clean since frozen pumpkin innards aren't actually slimy. 

Charlie's turned out pretty cool I thought (below). Gwen's is the smiley face in the middle above. She keeps saying, "My pumpkin is happy!"
Alec got to wear his costume to school on Wednesday and I was able to go help with his party. It was fun to stay for an entire day of kindergarten and parade through the school with him, serve treats and work at some of the special Halloween centers with him and his friends.

Wednesday night we had our little family party and had my friend Anna and her son who is Alec's age and in his Kindergarten class over too. We played the donuts on a string game then went trick or treating before it got TOO dark and cold THEN we came in for a warm dinner of chili and cornbread. I actually really liked doing it in this order. It was fun to be done trick or treating by 7:00 and have some calming down time while we ate a warm dinner and then the kids were almost too full  and tired to eat buckets of candy and didn't complain when we stopped after 2 pieces.  (We've since eaten our fill and Alec is currently laying next to me on the bean bag since we both have tummy aches from too much sugar!)

  Me helping Gwen cheat...

 Gwen cheating on her own...

 Chris, just about to win...

 Waiting for Gwen...

It was SOOOOO cold. The kids wore 2 layers of fleece pajamas under their warm costumes and I wore my biggest winter-est coat and was quite warm until the cold reached my toes and fingers after an hour.  The wind was biting and Chris took Gwen home a few houses early.

Alec was a cheetah, Charlie was Batman and Gwen was a ladybug.  Chris and I put the kids down by 8:00 and watched a few episodes of Mentalist while we answered the door and I eventually fell asleep.  All in all, it was a very fun Halloween.


dixie said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love the costumes--such cute, cute kids!! (and adults too!)

brittany said...

So fun! cute costumes