Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Wonderland

  We had such a snow dump last week. Seriously, the most snow I've ever seen fall in one sitting. Maybe a foot and a half in just over 24 hours. It was wet and pretty and great for pictures.


Luckily, we had just bought some sleds so I could pull the little kids in one every day when I walk to pick Alec up from Kindergarten, since our stroller does NOT work well in the snow.  However, the snow was so deep and wet that it was almost impossible to pull a sled through it. I had to give up 1/2 way across the school field, leave Charlie and Gwen (who was bawling at this point...she did not like being in her snow clothes or being pulled almost at a 45 degree angle in the tippy, bumpy sled) ...leave them stranded in the field so I could run the rest of the way to get Alec since he didn't seem to see us out in the field.  It was a tiny bit easier on the walk home when Alec could help me pull and it got WAY easier once I realized I should just walk in the road where some of the snow was flattened by the cars.

Just before I left them in the field -- But this picture doesn't capture well how deep it was or how high / tilted the sled was because of all the snow stuck under it. Even though the sled is super light and my kids aren't too heavy, the extra 50 lbs of snow caught under it all added up to quite a load.


By the time we got home my head was soaked since my jacket hood kept coming off and I was hot enough from pulling the sled I didn't mind the open air. The boys had lots of fun playing in the backyard. The boys tried to build their own ramp to sled down from the trampoline.


They did a pretty good job by themselves! The next morning I went out with Charlie (counted it all as my exercise!) and got the ramp pretty big.

  The snow is still all here and deep. There was a warmish day a couple of days ago where any shoveled sidewalks melted to bare cement and our car no longer looks like a snow monster.

I can still think of this all as Fun Fun Fun. It probably helps that I'm counting on this being our last winter here. But who knows what the future holds or if we'll be able to get a job elsewhere for the next Fall. Oh well, no point worrying about that now. I'm still going to try and enjoy this crazy weather winter. (Maybe another helpful reason is the treadmill we just found on kijiji and got. (!!) Not even the snow can stop me running this winter!! ...although there are other factors in my life besides snow so I can't start planing the next 1/2 marathon yet.


dixie said...

Wow. What a lot of snow! I'm glad you had some fun playing in it. The ramp looks great.

Nicole Smith said...

I see a treadmill in my future too.... Maybe we can call each other? I am not too excited :(

Amy said...

Wow! Snow! I showed my boys the pictures and they said, "I wish it snowed where we live. That looks fun." I think they especially liked the ramp going down from the trampoline.

MandaMommy said...

Awesome ramp, both theirs and yours! What a fun way to get exercise! (Also, you make me feel so lazy--I have the hardest time convincing myself to go outside when it is under 50 degrees...but hey! That number has come down 10 degrees already since moving to Bellingham!)