Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy December!

Fun crafts, treats, making presents, doing good little deeds, lovely music... I love this time of year.

Details on chris's awesome sled he made and the magnetic advent nativity calendar I made will be coming shortly.
Alec had his Kindergarten Christmas Concert! I love how Canadian schools don't seem to feel too inhibited to celebrate Christmas even though its a religious holiday.  Although most of the songs were about Santa, how Reindeer love to boogie, etc.  The families were invited for a mid day performance and snack potluck. We brought Challah bread. Yum!

Look at this big boy!

Speaking of big boys...Chris needed to send some pictures in for some of his job interviews and we realized he hasn't had a good, professional, typical-Chris looking picture in a long time. He's always wearing hats, or beanies, or has a kid hanging on him somewhere or is bald with a big beard in almost any picture taken in the last 2 years.  So we did a little photo shoot. What a handsome guy. I'd hire him...who wouldn't?



dixie said...

I can't wait for the details. So impressive.

Heather said...

Looks awesome!! I agree with Dixie...can hardly wait for details :-)