Friday, November 30, 2012


We celebrated Thanksgiving as a family by adding feathers to a turkey on the wall with things we're thankful for written on them a couple of times during November and by getting together with Chris' boss (also American) and almost his entire research group for Thanksgiving dinner.

I ended up making stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie, blueberry cream cheese pie, and my mom's/aunt's famous yams and apples.  Everything actually turned out pretty good. Lots of compliments on the 'cheescake' as everyone called it, and the yams and apples. No one said a word about the rolls, although I think they are some of my best work, but Chris tells me this is because everyone assumed they were store bought from a fancy bakery. HA. :)

It really was a nice Thanksgiving dinner. I'm glad we brought the kids. They are a nice security blanket to hold, snuggle and talk to during those awkward social moments that happen with a bunch of people who work together but aren't necessarily hang-out-buddies + spouses.

Chris still had to work all week and on Thanksgiving Day because its not a holiday here; but that's ok. He was able to work from home a couple of the mornings to help me out with kids and house work while I took it easy and cried a lot.  (BTW, I am in much better control of my emotions now and feeling completely normal physically....except these pregnancy hormones -I'm blaming it on them- are still wrecking havoc with my weight...blah)

It actually felt a LOT like Thanksgiving despite no one else celebrating it, no extra family, and no Thanksgiving decorations in any of the stores...maybe it was the pilgrim stick puppet craft the kids and I did together.  We're thankful for so many things at the top of the list being each other - alive and normal healthy, our amazing families, helpful friends, awesome house, comfortable job, empowering religion, our compassionate and all-knowing Father in Heaven, and sleeping children.


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Heather said...

love those sleeping angels...lots of blessings <3