Saturday, January 12, 2013

Back to the Cold - Potty Training!

We enjoyed our stay in good old U.P. and the nice break from the cold.  It was fun to see cousins, family and friends.  I even got to go out to dinner with my good friend Sandra and her husband Jordan for dinner!  We ate as much Mexican food as we could stand and went to two movies in the movie theater!

Now we're back to the cold, cold, North. It is beautiful.  The kids on the drive home got so excited when we saw our first bit of snow. Its like they hadn't seen it for a whole year, instead of 2 1/2 weeks. We went sledding and ice skating before it got really cold this week. 

I love new starts and getting organized with life goals and dreaming about the year. This could be a pretty big year for us.

We've taken advantage of the inside time and started on some goals:

- Potty Training Gwen! She's doing fantastic. I think she's pretty much got the hang of it, and then she has an accident or two or three in a row and reminds me she's not superhuman, shes only 2.  She's an amazing 2 year old.  She gets to open little potty prizes on her successes and really enjoys that.


- Chris and I are working on forming habits. We're focusing on eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables (no sugar, refined flours, or meats) every other day. We're waking up early to exercise 5 days a week and adding in other 'focuses' every two weeks.  There's a little friendly competition going between us where the 'loser' of the week gets to plan date night the next week and put the kids to bed.

- Our 18 hours starts to finish from WA to AB gave us time to put together a new job system for the kids so they can earn money and have incentive to take responsibility to take care of themselves and help around house.  We love the time in the car to talk. I think its worth the trip back to our parents' homes for Christmas every year just so we can have the long drive talk time.

(BTW, I've back posted a bit about Christmas and Alec's birthday)


dixie said...

Wow. I'm so impressed. And I love the second pic of Gwen--that's quite a look she's giving you.

Radene said...

I so wish we lived near each other and could help eachother in our goals. I also made some new years resolutions and went a whole 10 days without deserts, then Carter's birthday threw me off a little. Need to get back on course. Though I'm also always trying to find the right balance in many ways. Good luck and hugs to you and the family!