Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Alec!

Alec turned 6 after Christmas.  For some reason now he seems old.  Its like 5 easily rounds down to toddler behavior but 6 is like...old. Its definitely in the 'kid' category with 8 and 9 year olds. In two year he reaches the age of accountability. Man oh man, I've really got to be careful with this guy and try be the best example of everything I want him to be because pretty much from now on he can remember something for the rest of his life.  Alright, enough about me and my fears...on to the birthday boy!

We started the day off right with breakfast in bed. He was kind to us this year and requested a muffin and fruit loops! Grandma helped make his day special by getting some balloons and Angry Bird party supplies.  We invited over my Aunt and Uncle and their kids (who are fairly close to my kids ages being between 12-1) for opening presents and eating perfectly chocolate chocolate cake rainbow race car cake.

Then Grandma and Grandpa joined us for Zoo lights! Luckily the rainy weather stopped just long enough for us to enjoy a walk through the zoo at night without getting wet. Alec turned on his 'nice brother' button (it was getting kind of rusty) and used his birthday money from Grandma and Grandpa to buy lighty-up toys for him and his siblings on the way out of the zoo. Alec is a good boy and usually very kind, playful and patient with Charlie and Gwen.


The next day we met up with EV friends, the Talbots and Lewis' for some birthday fun. We met in Seattle, did lunch at a seaside bakery, and rode the Ferris Wheel! The sun peeked out at us at just the right moment on the Ferris Wheel.


Alec requested some golf for his birthday so we got a little put-putting in with friends before having a pizza, games and cupcake dinner party.

Its not every day you get to celebrate your birthday with your best buds... especially when you don't even live in the same country!

Alec lost his first tooth on Monday, December 17. His kindergarten teacher says she wishes she could have 60 kids just like him.  He's a good problem solver, enjoys puzzles and coloring, catches on quick at the piano, can practice any sport for hours at a time, builds awesome lego and duplo buildings, is very giving to his siblings and always shares a bite of any food with me.  He mastered keeping his head under water while kicking for 12 feet or so in November and loves to tease his siblings and parents and make people laugh.

We love you, Alec!

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dixie said...

Birthday. Christmas. Family. What a great post. I love all the pictures. We miss you!!!