Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Day

Albertans needed a holiday in February so they created Family Day.  They have all kinds of winter carnivals and festivals around this time of year too. One of our favorite parks held free activities all weekend long ending on Monday, Family Day.  We saw ice sculptures, and a Teepee, with bannock available to roast over open fires, a big ice slide, horse drawn sleigh rides, ice skating, dog sledding, free rentals for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, ice skate races and face painting!

It was fun! But, you guessed it, cold. There was a wind that just nipped the nose and after a couple of hours Gwen was crying, more than ready to go home. We didn't bring our sled but instead had the backpack for Gwen and after I almost slipped on the ice while wearing it I realized why we didn't see anybody else wearing their kids on their backs.  Its too dangerous. Everyone enjoyed cross country skiing, especially me! I really really really want to rent them sometime and go someplace far removed and pull Gwen behind us on the awesome sled Chris made just before Christmas pictured below:

The boys loved getting their faces painted. They even slept so carefully on towels so they wouldn't wreck it over night. Alec had to go to school the next day and I emailed his teacher to see how she would feel about him sporting a pirate face at school. To my surprise, she didn't mind! So the kids enjoyed their masks for two whole days! (It was quite hard to get all the way off and Alec's face had a slight rash afterwards...)

Scary face paint melting faces!

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