Tuesday, February 5, 2013

picture dump

I'm taking baby steps to get my life organized after a quick, stressful, and fun trip to UT for Chris' interview.  So while I feel like I should write a post detailing the trip and our thoughts/feelings about the whole experience, or unpack our suitcases and start the laundry, or unclog the sink from gross moldy leftovers I emptied out this morning (I miss disposals/garborators so much!) ...I just don't feel quite up to doing any of those things right now. I know the fever and aches and sneezing and coughing are playing a major part in my decision.  But I'll take baby steps and plug in my phone and post a bunch of cute snow pictures from the past month and then take a nap (if the kids will let me...maybe I'll put a movie on for them)

Enjoy -
Shoveling our walk back in early December after a huge snowfall.

One day we went to the hill by Alec's school to sled and at the bottom we found a cool snow tunnel someone built/dug out.

This is the field we cross to pick up Alec from school every day. Also you may notice the poor lighting/long shadows in so many of these pictures...its because daylight here in the winter is so short! Like the following picture of Alec in the field was taken at noon yet it seems more like 4 or 5pm when you think about the long shadow. Crazy.

This is the big pile of snow created by the trucks that clear the asphalt right by the school building.  The kids love to slide down on their bums after school every day.

This is proof of one of Charlie's cute fashion statements. He loves to wear his hockey helmet even if we're just going for a ride in the car.  Also he loves to wear costumes, at home and in public...doesn't matter to him  if its Halloween or not or who may see him.


MandaMommy said...

I hope you get better soon!!

dixie said...

At least you can have fun with your kids in the snow. Maybe that makes winter seem less eternal. Hope you all feel better NOW.

Radene said...

feel better soon Britt!