Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quiet time

Gwen has basically not had a nap since before Christmas. She's also thrown some pretty awesome tantrums since then and been quick to fall apart. Genius me just put it together recently when I thought about how she's fallen asleep on the couch, in my arms or in the car within 5 min of being still and quiet 4 times this week....she's tired!

So today I made a big effort to have quiet time (the first attempt since before Christmas).

It went not very well. For various reasons including: poopy underwear, drawing on the coffee table, falling off a stool placed on top of another stool, repeated repeated repeated repeated requests for rope so Alec could make a lasso, Gwen needing to go potty 3 times, demands for candy, a request for jammies because Gwen is cold etc. I was interrupted in my silly attempt to read scriptures and take a quick nap myself every 4 min for over an hour.

I give up trying to maintain "quiet time" when Gwen comes into my room for the 10th time complaining of hunger and thirst. (She ate a good lunch only a few hours ago). I hold her in my arms for 1 minute trying to muster up energy to get out of bed to finish the afternoon and ...... She falls asleep.

I knew it! Now how can I get her to do it by herself in her room well before 4:00pm?

I hope she doesn't give me grief in 3 hours at bedtime. It's my night to put the kids to bed by myself.

Still pretty cute though, hey?


Ryan said...
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dixie said...

Sleeping children are the best! Altho, yours a darn cute when they're awake too!!! love you.