Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day

 We all love to celebrate Valentines day around here.  Alec, Charlie and Gwen liked making valentines for their class / playgroup.  Alec asked us the night before if we were going to have any surprises for them on the table in the morning. I told him he was probably thinking of Easter and he emphatically insisted that we did it for Valentines last year.  I placated him with a noncommittal answer (I hadn't planned to do anything for them and hadn't bought any surprises).  After thinking about it, I realized we did have some stamps and bubbles for them last year. Luckily I found some extra bottles of bubbles and Chris and I made them each a valentine and sprinkled the table with mini marshmallows.  They love marshmallows.

Chris surprised me with little heart notes around the house and flowers and a treat.  I loved finding them throughout the day and was smiling all day long because of it.  I want to recognize the fact that he got out of bed early to hide the notes for me.  I noticed this sacrifice and know how hard that is for him!

I took Chris out on a fun date.  Last November my good friend Christy and I signed up for the city's "Sweetheart Snowshoe" to be held on Valentines day, as a surprise to our husbands.  We planned on getting smoothies, going snowshoeing, eating out, then coming back to one of our places for dessert.  Christy ended up getting sick last minute and they were forced to not join us.  If we didn't already have a sitter and already paid for the snowshoeing outing, it would have been SO tempting to not go and just watch a movie at home.

I'm so glad we went! We had a lot of fun even by ourselves and not knowing anyone else there.  It was dark by the time we got snowshoes on and started off and we were grateful for the headlamps we keep in the car for emergencies. The guides took us (a group of about 20 people, mostly couples) along the trials in the ravine where I go running with my friends in the spring/summer/fall.  Then they cut off the main trail and we walked across the river/stream up through the hills and trees.   At one point the guides pointed to the super steep hill behind them and told us we could try to scale up this old tow-rope path and then bushwack our way down if any of us wanted to really see what snowshoes can offer or continue along the valley trail for a bit.

Chris and I chose to scale up the huge hill (I was planning on getting some exercise during this!) with one other couple and had a lot of fun, even sweating a little! I loved tromping through the knee deep snow on the steep hill and half sliding half falling down. I finished the last bit of the descent sliding on my bum.

They had a campfire waiting for us with hot chocolate and poles ready to roast 'Bannock' a First Nations traditional bread. It was basically biscuit dough roasted on a stick over the fire.  It was kinda bland but tasted better with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled inside it.

It was a really fun evening and it makes me want to take the kids snowshoeing and go hike in some place more removed from civilization.  I've got a little family trip forming in my mind...

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brittany said...

What a really fun day. I really need to be better about doing things for the kids on holidays like that. You are an inspiration.