Monday, March 11, 2013

Indoor Fun

Indoor play has to get pretty creative when outings outside happen on a weekly - if that - basis. Indoor fun around here consists largely of coloring; reading; hockey sticks, soft balls and a net; dress up swords and capes; play kitchen food stuffed in bags, purses and backpacks and carried around the house; play dough; baths and of course legos.  I love these pictures mostly because Gwen has her crown just the way she likes to wear a sweat band, she's sporting her monkey that she often wears around her neck and her shirt is just short enough to expose her cute, soft tummy. Ooooo I could eat her.


Alec made up a 'school' for Gwen and Charlie the other day. It was so cute. He used phrases that his teacher must use like, "After today, you get 3 stay home days!" or "Now its home time." All of this he came up by himself...although I did help him expand the play (so it would last longer) by suggesting music time and bringing in treats for Gwen, then, Charlie's birthdays).

The day started with Charlie and Gwen up in the kitchen with me waiting for the bell to ring while Alec prepped the classroom.


Then he would tell them the schedule for the day. He drew pictures to represent all that they would do, Carpet Time, Work Time, Center Time, Read Books, Home Time.

I think the above picture is supposed to be the building center....I'm not sure exactly.

After a day or two like this, he added some new activities like "putting on a zombie play," - his idea, and "music time" - my idea.

 At the end of each 'day' Charlie and Gwen would come back to their 'home' while Alec wrote the new schedule for the next day. 

Charlie and Gwen have been caring around the Diego backpack for days going to "Grandma's House" and "Brady's house."

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merilee said...

So adorable! Kids are amazingly creative...I love it! Hope you are doing well. I really enjoy keeping up to date with you family :)