Monday, March 11, 2013

Outdoor Fun

When the weather warms up enough to go outside for very long it feels....sooooo good.  We hovered just over freezing for a couple of days and it was SO FUN to be outside and get hot enough to take off your jacket.  Even luckier, it happened on a day when Alec had school off. We hung out at my friend's parents' house where her brothers make this awesome ice slide coming off of their swing-set.  I have some fun videos of the kids and even myself going down but they are all sideways since I took them with my phone. I'll try to figure that out to post on here.
 We also went sledding and ice skating during that warm spell.


Charlie and Gwen have double blade strap on skates and can easily have fun on the ice. Alec has single blade ones and without the toe pick, its harder for him to learn but the sled helps and being distracted with a hockey stick and puck help as well.


I can tell winter is slowly fading because we're having more days closer to freezing than not. We went out to the local ski hill for a day since the boys have been begging to go skiing ever since Family Day (I just back-posted a little blip about it towards the end of February). They did AMAZING. We took some awesome videos with our video camera and I'll figure out how to get them on here soon. Here are the pictures we took with our camera.

Getting on the magic carpet for the first problems! Both Alec and Charlie were so brave!
 Alec looked like he had been doing this for years, instead of his second time. He snow plowed like a pro and never fell once on the bunny hills.

Charlie was fearless. He even did an entire run backwards! Haha. So funny. He hardly used his snow plow V to slow down and instead just pulled his skis around to a side stop.


Gwen and I watched it all from the sidelines. Ready to help hold or go after one boy while Chris followed the other. Chris even managed to go down the big runs by himself a couple of times while the boys did the bunny hills all by themselves. Amazing.  Gwen was mostly happy to watch with me, as long as I kept the gummy bears coming. :) 

Such a fun day.

Also fun was the bath when we got home. These kids love to bathe.

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