Friday, April 26, 2013


Ding dong. I'm downstairs packing the first couple of boxes for our upcoming move when I hear the doorbell. It's no surprise because I've been expecting Alec home any minute. He's been playing at a friend's house ever since kindergarten got out before lunch. I open the door and see nothing but a bike I don't recognize, flopped on it's side in the middle of our front walkway. I'm still not surprised because I know Alec likes to hide every time he rings a doorbell AND every time someone else rings our doorbell.

I know where to look and peek my head out into the yard and turn left.

No surprise, it's Alec! He's slightly winded and beaming ear to ear.

"Hey honey! Did you ride a bike here?"

He nods his head.

"That's so fun! Where is everyone else?"

No response.

"Who else did you ride with? Paul?(his friend)"

Alec tells me yes he rode with Paul and points around the corner of our house. Paul must've heard his name because he slowly inches his bike from around the corner and smiles. I return the smile and continue to question Alec.

"Who else rode with you?"

No response

"Where is Paul's mom?"

She's at home.

"Where is Angeline? (Paul's older sister and one of our favorite babysitters)

No response. Finally I'm surprised.

But I'm still not convinced Alec is not trying to play a joke on us. (He's really been into that recently). Long story barley shortened, he and his friend rode bikes by themselves without helmets or jackets all the way home. It's like 2 miles and not in any way close to a straight shot. They had to take 7 different roads and cross a fairly busy street. And no one knew what they were doing.

I somehow find the whole situation funny (actually that is also not really a surprise since I laugh to cover up many emotions...I was even laughing and sobbing at the same time last week) and try to hold back some relieved chuckles as I took this picture of these crazy, even scary independent but usually-well-behaving-boys.

This whole thing was not scary for the mom who found out they were safe and accounted for before she even knew they were missing. It wasn't so comical for the mom who was driving around her neighborhood frantically asking everyone she saw about the whereabouts of two little boys on bikes. She was moments away from calling the police when I called her and broke into tears on the phone with me. Paul is her 5th (and a very sweet) kid and she's never had this happen before.

I guess Paul has been saying for a few weeks now that he knew how to get from his house to Alec's house and as soon as they got on the bikes Alec said, "Nows a good chance to take me home." So off they went.

Paul said he wouldn't ever do that alone, only with Alec. And they chose a specific route that wouldn't cross as many streets and even rode in the grass for a ways until they came to a safer place to cross the street.

One of my big thoughts through all of this is, wow, Alec is growing up.

I'm kind if rambling now because I'm procrastinating my real purpose for blogging tonight. I came online to write a post about how Chris' cancer is back and how heartbreaking that has been for me and how our summer/moving plans have jumped out the window and I guess I was wanting to deny the truth for one more post. I'll give more details later.

But to close, how about one more cute picture of normal life? :) This is my sweet Charlie falling asleep in the car yesterday...with a fruit leather stuck in his mouth. Just another excuse to chuckle.


Stephanie said...

Brittney -- words can't express. I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Jess said...

Moments like that are such a weird mixture of emotions! Being a mom is crazy.

We are thinking of you guys and praying for you and loving you from afar!!

merilee said...

Oh Brittney...such a mix of feelings! Adorable, scary, cute story of Alec being so independent and grown up. It happens really fast, doesn't it!
I had heard about Chris and my heart is so sad for you dealing with this again. Although I know that even during the best times the past couple years its probably still not far from your hearts and minds. My prayers are with all of you and I know things will work out for the best. Love you!!

Aaron, Cera, Jaylen and Gavin said...

So sad to hear Brittney. We're thinking about you and praying for you. You guys are a strong family. I hope it's good news from the test results. HUGS!

Amy said...

What a story! Alec IS growing up.

Prayers are with you and Chris.

MandaMommy said...

Darn Google Reader for not being there for me anymore! I was feeling some Brittney deprivation until I realized there were probably more blog posts from you! What a fun story about Alec. So crazy! But yeah, he really IS growing up! (I don't think Ella would ever dream of doing that. Miles, on the other hand, recently rode out into the middle of a busy road with me right by him, the little punk. I had to stick my hand out traffic cop style to make sure the cars were stopping as I ran into the road after him.)