Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

The Holy Week also happened to be our Spring Break so we took some time on Friday and Saturday to do some fun things together as a family. We went bowling, ate out at McDonald's  went for a bike ride (the boys rode their bikes while I was crazy since most driveways / alleyways are still 3-4 deep in ice / slush.)  We had planned to go swimming at the Rec center sometime this week too - we even had all our swimming gear in a bag all ready to go - but the kids just had too much fun playing together at home. They didn't want to stop. Alec and Charlie played so well together, I can't even describe the great feeling their cooperative play gives the house.  It was fun to have Chris stay home from work for most of Thursday, Friday and today (Easter Monday is a holiday in Canada too).  We've had some really warm days this week, 7-11 degrees above freezing! It feels downright nice and we've taken the proactive step of putting our snow boots and snow pants in a different closet, to make some room by the back door for our rain boots and light jackets.  We're so happy to see Spring coming.

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