Monday, April 1, 2013

Sweet Easter

We had such a great Easter this year.  A holiday to celebrate the life of Jesus, to remember His Act(s) of service, and His promise of a life after death with a perfect, whole, never sick, resurrected body was just what our family needed.  We tried to talk about something Easter-season-related every day this week from simply talking about Christ cleansing the temple, to acting out His entry into Jerusalem and even having a mock Last Supper complete with last-minute-make-shift costumes, pillows for seats, candles, dates, figs, nuts, 'bitter herbs' (spinach drenched in lemon juice) and some meat. I had the chance to teach Sharing Time and come up with my own Easter lesson which had me reading a lot of scriptures and comparing the different accounts of the 4 Gospel writers...really interesting.
We were the beneficiaries of a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers from Chris' cousin and his family with a sweet, short testimony of the resurrection. Coming from this family who had recently lost their youngest child, Clara, to cancer made these flowers infinitely meaningful to me.

Gwen and Charlie had a private Easter Egg hunt around 6:00AM Sunday morning. :) Chris put a stop to that and rehid some eggs for the official Easter Egg hunt about an hour and a half later.  Each of the kids had a basket on the table with some goodies in it. It was a little different this year, since Easter Sunday also was Fast Sunday for our ward. But it helped keep a peaceful feeling and we always had our empty stomachs to remind us of the real reason for the celebrations.  A fast Sunday is also just what our family needed.

After Church we had a low key day with a minimal-prep-but-still-nicer-than-usual dinner and then our traditional Easter Egg Roll. It was so cute the way the kids cheered for each other, Chris or I. "Go Alec, Go Alec!" or "Go Mommy! Go Mommy!" Charlie would even sidle up to whoever was rolling and rub their back and arm just before they rolled much like a boxer's coach. So funny. This year, the winner was...

Charlie! He won last year, so I guess you could say he successfully defended his title. His little celebration dance was pretty cute too.
Like most family activities the Easter Egg Roll slowly evolved into a "family wrestling match," a.k.a  "jump on daddy." Because my nose has been hurting me a bit (nasty sinus infection) I refrained from participating which left me available to act as photographer.

Happy Easter everyone!


dixie said...

What wonderful pictures of your beautiful family. I'm so impressed with all the Easter activities you did. We love you!!

Amberly and Anthony said...

You guys are awesome.

Katie B. said...

I love those ideas for more spiritual activities leading up to Easter. We'll have to try that with Ethan in future years.

Jess said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Gwen's dress looks SOO cute on her! And I love Chris' pink sweater. I'm still trying to convince Ryan it is ok to wear pink but he isn't convinced :)
Your family is beautiful.

Radene said...

Love these photos of your family. You guys are the best. We love you so much. Great job on the last supper idea. So cute. Love you!