Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mothers Day

Chris and the kids gave me the best Mothers Day ever this year. It sort of started the day before.  Chris took the kids out shopping and I cleaned the house really well. I. LOVE. A. CLEAN. HOUSE. Especially when the WHOLE house is clean all at once. It just doesn't get better than that. ....But then it did! Because the next morning, the boys snuck into our room as quiet as they could (although I still woke up before they even made it to our door) and begged Chris to get up so they could all start working on breakfast in bed for me. Chris tried to get a few more minutes of sleep in since it was sooo early, but still ended up being in the kitchen at 6:02AM. Hahahah.... Alec and Charlie were SO excited to do their little plan they had worked up with Chris the day before.

At 6:30, everyone comes in to 'wake me up' and bring me their gifts: flowers, two awesome shirts, some jewelry and some dark chocolates.  They drew me the cutest card and Alec handed me the present he made in Kindergarten. It was a little plant he had planted and a paper with questions he answered about that I'm 14 or 16 years old, and my favorite thing to do is scripture study, and the thing I'm best at is cooking, and my favorite food is lasagna, and that we like to play games together...etc.  I just loved it.

Breakfast was amazing because I got to choose exactly what I wanted.  I was given a very professional looking menu to the restaurant, Chez Archibald, and really enjoyed reading the selections and descriptions.  Charlie and Alec wore their white button up Sunday shirts with grey pants, a bow tie and a white apron folded down and tied around their waist. So adorable.  Then to get my order the boys took turns coming in with a little white notepad with a copy of the menu taped to it and a crayon to circle my choices.  Chef Chris and mini-chef-but-mostly-crying-because-she-was-so-hungry-and-tired Gwen did the cooking. I chose Grapefruit, raisin Toast, Bacon, and Belgian Waffles 'piled high with strawberries and whipped cream.' oooooooo Bacon. I've been craving that for a while.  I don't think I've ever before been so stuffed, at 8:00AM.


Then we had a lovely time at church, on time and everything! I took the extra time from waking up so early to blow dry my hair...only it was taking FOREVER and never actually felt dry.  Turns out I forgot to wash the conditioner out of my hair.  Yuck.

We were invited over to a friend's lake cabin for dinner and so Chris was off the hook for another meal and clean up. (Which he totally deserved after that morning). We ate burgers and played washer toss. It was such a peaceful day and I felt loved and supported and pampered (even though I kinda don't like that word, I sure do love that feeling).

Chris actually had a few more days ahead of him for taking care of me so well since I tweaked my back bad lifting a heavy bag of dirt at Costco on Tuesday. That combined with feeling generally gross has made for one inept mama. But Chris knows first hand about back injuries and is so patient and kind about it all. He's been instructing me on just the right way to lay down, get up, or turn over. I'm really so in love with him.

While I'm posting something, I'll add an update on the cancer diagnosing. We had an appointment with the Chest specialist/surgeon guy, who our oncologist set us up with, to see about doing a biopsy on the nodes in his chest, but I guess they're in a tricky spot and while he said he COULD biopsy them it would be more invasive and risky than our oncologist thought and so the chest specialist recommended we see this other surgeon who is good at gastro-whatever areas since there is a node by his stomach (news to us?!) that would be simpler to biopsy.....if the gastro-whatever specialist agreed.  We got a call on Friday with an appointment for May 31st for an endoscopic ultrasound with this gastro-whatever specialist to biopsy the node near his stomach. So... there. An update.  And I was meaning to put up pictures from mothers day but my back is hurting from sitting here so long, so I'll do that later. I promise.


merilee said...

Mother's day sounds so fun for you! Can't wait to see the pictures! I will be anxious to hear what the tests show for Chris. Sending love and prayers your way.

dixie said...

This post just made me mist right up. Your boys are sooo cute. I can just picture them in their white shirts and bow ties, taking your order. What sweethearts you all are! and you totally deserve to be pampered.

Amy said...

That is adorable. Charlie and Alec look so handsome in their white bow ties!