Thursday, May 23, 2013


I uploaded pictures from my phone and the camera to the computer. I'll post some of my recent favorites here.
 The kids figured out how to connect duplo pieces together in such a way as to hang from hair. Daddy was patient enough to sit through this hair doo.

 I paid the kids money to collect pine cones from the front yard once the snow all melted.  Charlie and Gwen are eating some popcycles that are super nice neighbor gave them. He occasionally drops by a box of popcycles or some other treat he just bought at the store for the kids.  In fact, Alec has asked a few times, "do you think we should go visit, Shel?" and when I asked him why, he would say, "because he gives us candy."
 Here Gwen and Charlie are 'helping' me pack the first couple of boxes.

I love these pictures of Alec and Charlie, not because they are particularly beautiful pictures but because of when I took them. I came home from a run early one morning and found Alec and Charlie not only awake, but out in the backyard hitting balls. They are SO excited for the spring/summer because it means they can play golf. Alec built a 'hole' out of lego's and used the different colored grass where the trampoline had been all winter to act as a green.

The first HOT day where we let the kids play in the sprinklers with some friends.

And here are some other cute pictures from my camera:
The Tigger costume is a 12 mo costume.  Gwen is almost 3. Silly girl.
Chris did another round of taking the kids, one at a time, to work for a morning. This was Gwen's first time going.   She packed her own backpack with snacks and coloring supplies.

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dixie said...

Golfing in their pj's. So great!