Sunday, July 7, 2013

Super busy

Its easier to just do bullet points:

- Getting ready and keeping a house perfect for showings is hard. We watched a lot of movies and ate out a lot.


- Meanwhile we had a pregnancy scare that required me to take it reaaaaally easy. Im blessed to have good friends who step up and provide meals and childcare for us for a week. We're also blessed to have been spared a tragedy and to live in a day with technology that allowed us to hear and see the baby's heartbeat!

- The next week we packed up our stuff and moved it all to a storage unit but at the same time/day keep the house clean for a couple of showings. What a nightmare but again, I'm so glad for the friends who helped us move, pack, clean, and let us camp out in their house for a couple of days.

- The next day we had fun as a family going to see a movie in the theater in honor of Canada Day! Monster University. It was so fun.

- The next day Chris had a CT scan to compare the size of the active nodes from 2 months ago, then within 30 min if his coming home we headed out in the car to drive 18 hours practically through the night to UT.

- The day after we arrived was the 4th of July! My whole family had a BBQ at Archibalds then headed over to stay up late at the Stadium of Fire. It was really fun, even if it was an hour too long. Kelly Clarkson is a great live performer and the fireworks were HUGE and LONG. Charlie fell asleep during the last song before the fireworks...poor boy. Gwen slept through all the concerts but woke up for the fireworks needing both earplugs and Chris's jacket to keep her from crying. Alec enjoyed the whole thing by plugging his ears. The parachuters that landed in the stadium at the beginning might have been the coolest part. Oh wait, cirque de soleil was cool too.


- getting only 5.5 hours of sleep, we woke up at 6 the next morning to see the hot airballoons take off. It's chris' favorite part of the freedom festival and pretty magical.

Anyone spot who made a guest appearance? Of course, my boys were too shy to  go up to him to grab a picture...but they sure loved watching him from afar.


- then my brother got married but I'm too tired to add details now. I guess it'll have to be to be continued....

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Natania and Brady said...

Are you guys still in Utah?! If you have even 5 minutes tomorrow or Tuesday, I would love, love, love to see you!

And a hugely sincere, heartfelt congratulations on your pregnancy. I am so thrilled for you and your family.