Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dress ups

These kids love to dress up. Just after the picture was taken Charlie and Gwen were talking about their fighting stances and Gwen dramatically explained to me " I was like this (jumps into the pose) so I can cut ...your arrrrrm."

She definitely as older brothers. 

10 minutes later I find their costumes shed and them all settled in their own houses cleaning up lunch and getting ready to put their babies down for naps. 


merilee said...

They are SO cute! I love seeing their sweet personalities come out in pics.

dixie said...

Makes me miss you all so much!

Christy Harker said...

That pic of Charlie is sooooo sweet! Unfortunately I don't have any little girls that we could pre-arrange a marriage with....single tear drop! :(

Ortensia Norton said...

Jenna will have to do Christy!

These are great pics! We think of you all often! We love and miss you!