Monday, September 16, 2013

Our first Mississippi Outing

We took advantage of the extra week we had with my mom before the last chemo treatment (thanks to Chris' cough) and explored a bit of the local scene. All my kids, Charlie especially, have been wanting to go on a hike. There isn't a whole lot of elevation change around here, but Chris had heard about a nature preserve just 15-20 min south so we went exploring.

We did two short little hikes, both out to look out points. One was through some beautiful fields and long grasses. The path was super grown over and we basically followed the yellow-wild-flower path.  The second hike was along a board walk over some marshy looking stuff right to the edge of one of the lakes. The kids enjoyed running to their hearts content. 

Even though it was relatively cool day compared to the previous weeks, it was still blazing hot. The kids were sweating like crazy. Finding some nature really helps me feel grounded and I feel like I have a better grasp on where I am. We all really enjoyed our 'hike.' The peace and quiet and room to sprawl was just what our family needed. 

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