Monday, September 2, 2013

Postponement, hair loss and good news

We drove the 5 hours out to Nashville, TN, last Thursday to meet with the doctor that will be in charge of Chris' stem cell transplant. We got a few questions answered and came away with even more questions about scheduling and timing that no one but Time can answer. The appointment and blood work etc took an hour or two then we began the 5 hour drive back home to meet my mom who had flown in while we were gone.  Chris will do a post about what we learned there. I'm still not sure I understand it all. 

Chemo round #2 was supposed to start early the next morning. But when we got up there in Tupelo our Dr wanted to meet with us first and do an examination and check Chris' levels one more time since there were low the last time and the chest X-ray had showed an infection in one of his lungs. Our doctor told us he had to listen to the voice of caution and postpone the treatment for another week to give the infection (the source of Chris' cough) more time to go away before knocking Chris around with chemotherapy. 

We were really disappointed since the stem cell stuff looks like it'll drag this all out a month longer than we anticipated. More delays are just salt in the wound.

I was especially feeling bad because my mom had already flown out here. Would she think it was wasted time? Would she go home early? Would anyone be able to come out last minute and be here for the postponed treatment to stay with the kids so I could be with Chris? And it stinks that the postponement means I can't go to book club and we can't use the free tickets to MSU's first home football game. We were all really looking forward to those fun events. 

My mom and dad very quickly took many of those questions off the table when they told me they would just postpone her ticket home as well for another week. That was a big help and I'm so grateful for their sacrifice and support. 

Since we were already up in Tupelo we decided to get some things we needed at the stores up there before returning home: extra sheets and new bed pillows to make sanitizing our room and cutting down on the germs easier. We have for to get rid of this cough! 

Also we did some retail therapy and bought a TV.  Chris had been looking forward to watching football all weekend long in his hospital bed, and it happened to be Friday Night Movie Night. Coming home for a family pizza and a movie party made the whole postponement thing not cause only sadness. 

Anyway I really only started writing this post to say two things:

1- We shaved Chris' head! His hair was falling out allllllllll over the place. We were surprised it happened so quickly this time. BUt I had a hard time shaving it all off so I just cut it really short. That lasted a day and waking up to short little hairs all over his shirt, his pillows, my shoulder, and all over his hands was only a little bit less annoying than long hair everywhere. So we shaved it all off this morning. 

2- Some good news!! Chris felt the baby kick this morning! I had been the happy recipient of many jabs and bumps a day for the past couple of weeks. But Chris finally felt one!! It really makes me happy to have evidence of an alive little baby in there after all our scares this summer. I've never been more happy to be a trampoline. 


Katie B. said...

So glad to hear the good news! I have two awesome families of aunts and uncles (who are your age and have kids your kids' ages) who live in Memphis. Let me know if you'd ever want to stop there on your way to Nashville (is it on the way?) and I could definitely hook you up. They're awesome. And I'm sure they could help with babysitting if you needed it.

dixie said...

I love that haircut. Good to see all your smiles. Love you all!

Christy Harker said...

Chris looks awesome, all he needs is some tattoos. Love you guys.

merilee said...

I love the pictures! Cute kids and loving on their dad. Sweet. Great haircut too!

tericksen said...

I LOVE the picture of Chris surrounded by the kids. SO dang cute. Being a trampoline is the best--how fun to finally have Chris feel the baby moving too. Love you guys oodles and oodles