Saturday, September 14, 2013

Round 2

So last weekend Chris and I headed back up to Tupelo for round 2 of Chris' chemotherapy cycles. Things we remembered to bring to the hospital this time:

-pillows galore
-extra clothes and underwear for both of us
-Sunday clothes for me
-laptops, cell phones and all the chargers 
-stuff for me to do: kindle, journals, and a sewing project 
-socks for both of us, and shoes for me to wear with the socks
-snacks and potential meals for both of us including lots of liquid options like hot chocolate, herb tea, apple cider and broth 
-decent shampoo, and essential toiletries

All things considered it went better and worse this round. Better for me, worse for Chris. He didn't have an appetite, had a gross taste in his mouth the whole time, some more nausea than last time and bad indigestion. As a result, he didn't seem interested in doing much.  His picc line was in a more awkward spot, closer to his arm pit than his elbow which bothered him a bit more. Thank goodness for take out, and sports: that crazy US Open semi final between Wawrinka and Djokovic and BYU VS Texas football game. They lifted his spirits by Saturday night.  I wondered if the nurses or patients in the other rooms would his hear, "Go, Go, Go...!!" I figured happy loud sounds on that floor are few and far between and that if anyone did hear him it would seem a nice break from the loud and annoying beeps of drip lines. BYU had a pretty awesome game. Go Cougs!

Thanks to not forgetting some important stuff at home, I was more comfortable this time. Once we got some extra nausea medicine for Chris going in and he was feeling a bit better and able to eat, I quite enjoyed my time there.... working on my sewing project (my first attempt at applique), grabbing food for Chris, and running some errands at the different stores Tupelo has to offer.

I'm so glad the technology exists and am grateful for the doctors and nurses who have sacrificed much throughout their education and training to be at the point where they are now ...helping Chris make it through this. I'm so thankful to have been born to H2B2. My parents are incredibly supportive and my mom's stay extension and her quietly assertive problem solving made my life that weekend so much easier.

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Christy Harker said...

Your applique looks awesome. Maybe you can teach me sometime. Thanks for the updates.