Thursday, October 17, 2013

MSU tailgate and homecoming football game!

We walked around the tailgate parties for the LSU game and then later in the week bought tickets for the next home game: Homecoming! I think someone told me that the population of the town literally DOUBLES for big footballs games (like LSU) and after walking through the masses and masses of people and the seas of tailgating tents, I believe it. Most people set up the their tent and stuff the day before. Its not just a picnic, people bring portable generators and decorte their canapy's with Christmas lights and Mississippi State cowbells, and set up their big flat screen TV and at least a couple folding tables full of food and snacks, there are smokers roasting yummy smelling meat and BBQ grills all over the place.  Its incredible.
 People just stay there ALLL DAY watching football on TV. Not everyone has tickets to the game, but they come tailgate anyway and then watch the MSU game on their TV, right next to the stadium. Its the social event of the week and all the college girls that I see wearing exercise shorts, and huge baggy Tshirts to class every day on Campus, now are dressed up in high heels (or cowboy boots), and short, flowy, lowcut or sleeveless dresses. We met a guy nurse up in Edmonton wearing MSU scrubs and when we told him we recognized that logo, he was surprised and proceeded to tell us all about his one visit to MSU, and how it was the BEST tailgating experience he's ever had... and apparently he's gone to lots of famous football school's tailgates. I can see what he is one big party.

And now pictures of when we went to a game. We got the cheap seats way up high on the side and after a funny mishap of walking up the wrong ramp we finally found our seats. We didn't know it was the wrong ramp/side of the stadium until we had walked allllllll the way to the tip top. We must have walked at least a mile going up and then down and then around the entire stadium and then back up to the tip top of the other side. Whew it was a great workout and we were all sweating by the end. 
It was really loud with all the cowbells. Gwen had her ears plugged a lot. 

We left a little bit into the 3rd quarter but didn't miss any more scoring! It was a long walk home but a very fun late night!

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dixie said...

I'm glad you got to experience that! The band looks pretty good. Had you seen them practice this routine on your "home" field?