Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Plan one won

Out of the 8 or so plans we came up with, plan 1 won! This is what it looks like: 

We arrived in Nashville just a few hours ago and the apartment we're leasing is really nice! (Is sorta should be for the price but I guess it is pretty cheap compared to what a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and full kitchen hotel room would cost!) There's a dishwasher and a king - sized bed for Chris and I and (hopefully) no cockroaches! We are going to be living the high life. :) 

We brought books, duplos, and cars for the kids to play with and costumes to go trick or treating in so as far as the kids are concerned I think they'll have a blast for the next couple of days. Chris' mom is flying in as I type this and will be here to help watch the kids during the doctors appointments and the surgery to put in Chris' line during the next few days then she'll stay with Chris for all of next week when my sister-in-law who flies to nashville this weekend, and I drive the kids back to MS. 

It was pretty stressful getting ready to leave and I had a bunch of different lists helping me to organize the things I needed to do before we left, the things I needed to pack, the things to remember to do while we were in Nashville, the things I needed to do to get the kids ready to leave for UT next week, the things I needed to pack for the kids when they're in UT, and the things I needed to pack for Chris while he was in Nashville, and stuff for all the driving between MS, TN, and UT. 

But, now that we're here I'm feeling a little better.  I only forgot 3 things so far: a dirty clothes bag/hamper, some extra blankets, and the bag of coloring supplies I packed for the kids.  I didn't leave the house as clean as I would've liked to, but who cares, it's mostly picked up and there are no dirty dishes so I'm going to be happy about that. 


Shelly Beth said...

Wow! I hope that everything works the way you have planned. It seems beyond difficult to have so much on your plate right now and to be the master orchistrator of it all. I think about you often and pray for the best for you all!

MandaMommy said...

You guys are amazing and your family is amazing, and even though I know this is EXTREMELY difficult (and seemingly impossible), I am SO glad that your family is able to take care of you. I wish I could do something to help you guys, but thank goodness for all of these amazing people in your life! Stay strong!