Saturday, November 2, 2013

Charlie's birthday!

Charlie turned 5! We gave him our traditional birthday breakfast in bed. I didn't get a chance to ask him what he wanted for breakfast but in true Charlie fashion he was happy with what he got: left over frozen waffles with strawberries, scrambled eggs and chocolate milk. 

We opened most of the presents in the morning so he could play with them all day and he loved all the construction worker toys. One of the houses we stayed at during the summer had some fun toys like these and Charlie instantly fell in love. Since we moved here, he has been asking me to find some winter gloves for him to wear and pretend they're worker he has his own real tool box, vest, gloves, hat, safety goggles and tools. 

We had a play group scheduled at the nearby Noxubee Wildlife Preserve.  We brought some donuts to share with our new friends and went for a walk on this cool boardwalk that went over one of the lakes. 

We saw lots of turtles and a couple alligators! One baby one, and one pretty big one! I didn't know they were in the lakes around here in the north half the state. I thought they were more of a Florida/ coastal thing. I was thinking this nature preserve was a perfect spot for some long runs ....but after seeing the alligators I'm not so certain. 

One of the families in our branch had invited us over for dinner that night so we brought a cake and had a party.  Charlie requested a vertical rocket cake with Buzz Lightyear flying around the rocket. Thanks to my mom's suggestion of doing the rocket out of Rice Crispy Treats, I was able to do half the things he wanted. 

We love Charlie so much. He has been such a big help to me and is one of the kindest thoughtful-est 5 year old brothers that ever walked the Earth. He loves to pretend, play with cars, tools and airplanes, color, do crafts, ride his bike, and read books. Happy Birthday Charlie!

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Christy Harker said...

Nice work on using the rice krispies for the cake. That's what the pros do. Also Alec's costume is awesome!
Love seeing pics. Thanks.