Friday, November 15, 2013

Day -3

Chris, although not feeling too terrible, is starting to wear down from feeling off. He can't decide if he's starving or nauseous... but probably he's both. At least the double dose of Lasics (sp?) helped draw out a lot of the fluids. He was carrying about 5 lbs of extra fluids. But now he has to take potassium pills since the lasics messes with his potassium levels. His body is just messed up. I guess the poison is working. He's feeling less inclined for conversation and has been trying to sleep for most of the morning. Its hard to really actually fall asleep when interruptions occur every 20 min or so; either machines beeping or nurses coming in or needing to go to the bathroom or hearing your noisy wife shift something.

But today is the last long day of Chemo. Tomorrow is supposed to be shorter.

Last night we went for a walk before crashing on the couch to eat dinner. It was a pretty and soothing sunset. Is that weird for a sunset to be soothing? We are both really love the beauty and weather of Nashville.


April said...

Miss you guys. So glad things are progressing well. You are in our prayers.

April Heiselt and crew

Heather said...

Your thoughts of a soothing sunset make perfect sense to me :-). One more difficult day is winding down, hope for a restful evening and a brighter dawn in your future…
Love love love you!