Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day -4

We didn't sleep super well last night. Chris was up going to the bathroom and just tossing and turning. I woke up a lot too, had a vivid scary dream and ended up going to the reclining chair in the family room at 4 because my hips were aching pretty bad.

But thanks to some time in the bathroom Chris said he was feeling pretty good this morning, just tired already and warned that he might want to sleep more today. 

We get to the clinic and find they've assigned us the big room with a glass door and a bed! Some of the nurses have noticed that Chris has been trying to work still... He's got 8 papers to review by next Saturday for AMOS... And it can get pretty noisy in the hall with so many fun and outgoing nurses. Also dear Gwendolyn noticed how much Chris likes to sleep through this all. So for today we have a quiet room with a bed! Chris asked about a more comfortable chair for me and they straight up wheel me in a chemo reclining chair of my own(!) apologizing all the while that they didn't think of it sooner.  (I'm going to have to try real hard not to feel disappointed the next time we get assigned a normal room).

Our assigned Nurse Practitioner Esta came and talked more about what we can expect in the next week and drew a picture for us and everything. She actually answered a lot of questions we came up with yesterday but hadn't asked yet. She's great.  All the staff here are friendly and nice. We feel well taken care of. 

Answers to prayers, today is starting off great! After today we'll have 3 chemo days down and 2 more to go. Then all the real fun begins with the side effects coming on full blown and his counts plummeting. 


dixie said...

So happy that your room is comfortable and that you are being well taken care of. We love you. Praying for you always.

K said...

In jest....I kind of giggled at the side effects on the paper. Now that will be a paartiii! Knowing Chris he will handle it with grace and charm. In retrospect I wondered "WHY" he didn't CHOW down at my place. I have since repented (I am wiser now). Just visited with the kids - know that you are included in their family prayers. How we love you..... K

Amy said...

I love the updates, and I love you, Brittney and Chris.