Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween fun

The kids like to do crafts and its nice to have something specific to do with them or its easy to get distracted with doing all the other stuff I need to do.  So I got one of those packets in the grocery store with little pumpkins and some paint. The kids had fun and so did Chris and I.  

Then, of course, we had to actually carve pumpkins when it got closer to Halloween.  We started one night and got distracted with something else so had to finish the next morning....hence all the beautiful bed hair. We never got pictures and didn't actually finish all of them anyway. 

Our Branch Primary put on a Fall Festival dinner and trunk-or-treat. Alec finally told me 2 days before the festival what he wanted to be for Halloween: A peregrine falcon. I hadn't worried about his costume before since I was thinking he would probably ask for some buy-able superhero or something. I was stumped at first on how to do a falcon costume but found 2 ideas online and kinda mixed them.  It seemed like a simple costume since I would be using fleece and mostly just cut turned out to be a much longer project. :) Thanks goes to Chris for being a trooper and taking care of the kids/meals for a day so I could sew and bake and decorate the 6 dozen cupcakes I was supposed to bring to the fall festival. 

I found this pirate princess costume for $2 at a second-hand store the day before the was perfect and Gwen was happy...even though she's making a pirate face in this picture. 

Charlie wanted to be Spiderman but since we were supposed to wear masks to the party, Chris demonstrated his mad skills with face paint and helped Charlie complete his costume. 

Inside was a yummy nacho dinner with TONS of awesomely themed snacks/treats, and lots of carnival type games where the kids won some more candy.  They had a blast running around with their new branch friends. 

When Halloween actually came, we found ourselves in Nashville for Chris' stem cell transplant treatment. Chris had had his tri-fusion catheter put in early that morning with only local anesthesia and we thought we could still have a little family party and trick-or-treating later. Turns out Chris was really tired still and just slept most of the day. I like holidays and wanted to still wanted to have fun so I took the kids out while Dixie made some yummy soup to find some neighborhood where we could trick or treat. It was SUPER windy and stormy and eventually found a safe-feeling neighborhood. But we didn't see any kids out and by the second house, we were told that there was tornado warning out and that this particular neighborhood was waiting to trick or treat the next day. Feeling a bit stupid, I made the kids get back in the car and we drove home, but on the next street we saw a few groups of kids out and the wind had died down enough that we parked and did a couple more houses. It was actually a really fun night to be out since the wind and the went roads and dark, fast moving clouds made it seem kinda spooky.  But I was glad to get back to the apartment and finish off the night with the donuts on the string game for the kids. 

Whew! There. I'm caught up on blog posts and now I can put updates on here for Chris' treatment and our experience here in Nashville. 

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