Monday, November 25, 2013

Hospital Stay part 2

The doctors wanted to keep him in the hospital until he had a normal temperature for over 24 hours so we had at least one more night in the hospital before us.

I thought it best to move the car from the other hospitals slightly more grungy/scary parking garage before it got dark in case I needed to access it. I managed to find it pretty good and had enough energy to go peek at our old apartment. I had gotten a call in the past hour that it was sprayed, cleaned and ready for us to move back into.  I didn't unpack the car from the hotel just walked around, grabbed a fresh tshirt to sleep in and headed back to Chris' hospital room. I decided not to be adventurous and find a closer parking spot....just stuck with what I was comfortable with and enjoy the Christmas decorations lining our familiar walk from the South Parking garage to the hospital.

Turns out I would need to go back to the car TWICE that night. Once around 7, to grab something specific Chris requested for dinner: mashed potatoes and then again around 10:30pm to get some more clothes for Chris.  But...the usual doors I use to enter the hospital are locked after 9:00pm. I knew this would happen and got directions from a hospital worker before I exited the building. Those directions turned out to be wrong. It was dark, raining, late and I found myself walking around the hospital for 45 min looking for the right door - the Emergency Room doors.  You'd think there'd be signs everywhere. There were and I followed the signs but they took me, once again, to the VERTERAN'S hospital emergency room.  The guy there had no idea where the VANDERBILT emergency room was. My feet were wet and tired...just a few hours before I had told Chris I felt like I had ran a 1/2 body was so exhausted.

I was talking to my mom on the phone the whole time I walked because it made me feel safer and helped distract me from my tiredness. I eventually found the right doors and was greeted by a mental detector (they always make me nervous for some reason), but the guard was really friendly and nice. Thinking I was home free I was disappointed to realize all the internal doors of the hospital were locked too!  I wandered around looking for something I recognized and some nice guy in scrubs saw me and unlocked an elevator for me one that would take me up to the 10th floor. I stepped out of the elevator and found myself trapped behind another set of locked doors...with no where else to go but back in the elevator which had just closed and was locked from me again. A nurse and another stem cell patient (who I had chatted with earlier that day luckily) saw me and opened the doors for me. It was all I could do to drag myself to the very back corner of the unit where Chris' room was before I just sat down and cried, again.

It was after midnight before I could fold out my little chair and go to sleep. But thanks to the large amount of exercise I got throughout the day and the previous three bad nights of sleep, I pretty much zonked out for the night.

Chris was slowly feeling ok, still had no fever by the next morning (Day 4) and even felt up to eating some eggs and a little waffle!

He got two strange abrasions/bruises on his shin and still had super loose bowels and stomach cramps but no fever so they set us up to be discharged. But first I had to be trained to give Chris some antibiotics through IV. They need me to administer them to him every 8 hours for probably about a week. Whatever it takes to get out of the hospital and back to an apartment.

I don't like any picture of me now that I'm 6 weeks from due date but here is one if me getting trained to do Chris IV antibiotics at home:

Chris getting wheeled out in this awesome cart thing. The kids would've been jealous. Heck, I was jealous. 

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Heather said...

Thanks again for the details, sweet Britt! I know why metal detectors make you nervous, but why a mental detector would bother you, is hard to figure!!! ;-)

You've been such a warrior woman through this battle… hang on!

Love love love you <3