Monday, November 25, 2013

New Apartment, Day 5, 6 and 7

So on the eve of Day 4 we settled into our original Nashville apartment again.  I unpack everything we took to the hotel and everything the apartment complex people had washed to treat the fleas....which was pretty much everything we brought up from Starkville.

An hour later around 7:00pm I saw my first flea. I was disappointed but also thinking maybe it was just the last stray flea.  Within 90 min, Chris and I had killed 11 more. Every time I walked around the apartment a few more would jump onto my white socks.  NOOOO!!!!! I couldn't take any more of it and txted the apartment people right away.  They ended up moving us into an available apartment in the complex next door that very night.  It is only a 1 bedroom, but thats fine. Neither Chris nor I were up for going to another hotel or other temporary space. He just needs to rest and recover and I can't keep moving things all over the place.

No fleas, my own pillows, the bed topper, and no loud hotel guests made for a good nights sleep. Even waking up at 2:30, 4:30, and 5:15 to administer Chris' IV antibiotics didn't prevent me from going deep into dream land.

The apartment guys were really nice and helpful. They ended up helping to transfer over everything from our old apartment to the new one, most of it while Chris and I were at the clinic the next day, Day 5. We had another busy morning at the clinic (although Chris' levels are scraping the bottom he didn't need anything besides some fluids!) and then unpacking and getting settled again and doing more loads of laundry to kill off any fleas on our stuff.

But our afternoon was nice and low key...lots of football and lots of simple foods - broth/crackers/applesauce/pudding/rice/beans and powerade.

Sunday, Day 6, was even better!! Even though the morning at the clinic wasn't simple, the rest of the day was so nice! His platelet levels were at a 6, normal being 150-300, and anything less than 10 they give a platelet transfusion. It wasn't too long, only 45 min or so and Chris didn't experience any of the possible complications like hives, fever or rash. We got out early enough for a quick stop at the nearest LDS chapel so I could slip in and take the Sacrament. Chris waited for me in the car since he shouldn't be around people yet and I didn't have enough time to drop him off at home. Those 20 minutes of singing hymns and quiet contemplation did wonders for my soul. I pretty much cried through the sacrament hymn and the passing of the sacrament but the peaceful feelings were worth it. Then we went home and topped the day off with some gospel music (even some choral Christmas music!!) hot chocolate, NO FLEAS, rice and chicken dinner, banana n'ice cream and some Masterpiece Mystery. was such a good day.

Today, Day 7, at the clinic his red blood cell count was low (23...and their transfusion cut off is 25) so Chris got his first blood transfusion today. It was all red and gross-looking for Chris, who doesn't do very well with blood, so he just welcomed the benedryl and checked out.

  I'm surprised he needed some today, though, because his coloring actually looks better! Maybe that means his levels will be up tomorrow. I don't know. His white blood cell count was up... 0.2 instead of 0.1. He still probably has a few more days of being at the bottom but we can start to imagine the incline. :)

His hair has been falling out all over the place, mostly from his beard and its getting in all his food, shirts, pillows, bathroom  but he's not allowed to shave since he's so immuno compromised. He sat down on Sunday and absentmindedly picked at it. I looked over at him a minute later and just busted out laughing.  Half of his mustache was just gone.  He requested a towel for his chest and just went to town rubbing and pulling at his facial hair. It looked pretty patchy when he was down. One nurse even started calling him patchy (which I think is way better than 'the flea people'). Another nurse brought in a hair trimmer and we cleaned him up pretty good. 

The nurses said he looked younger. :)


Heather said...

happy happy thoughts to think about the incline!

Ry said...

Wow, you guys are troopers! Thanks for being an inspiration to us, and keep it up. We're praying for you.

April said...

Way to go Brittany! I shared your story in Sacrament on Sunday (Eric and I gave talks). I discussed being an LDS - Look for the blessings, Describe the blessings, and Share the blessings kind of people. You truly are. Please let me know if you change your mind about Thanksgiving. You know we would drive up there. We love you guys. Keep the faith. We are all there in spirit and praying hard for all of you! Hugs.