Thursday, November 28, 2013

Surprises on Day 9 / 10

We had snow in Nashville! so fun and I love all the Christmas decorations getting put up.

Yesterday, Day 9, we had a few surprises.

- When we got to the clinic we were assigned a different, smaller room without a bed for chris or a comfy chair for fact there wasn't any chair in there for me. Before we had been there 1 min, one of the nurses that has been looking out for us, Amanda, walked by and said, 'Oh, No. You are not in that room.  She walked up to the desk and switched us over to our 'usual' room then told us, 'You may go to your suite now.'  She is very fun and reminds me of one of my best friends in highschool, Sandra....just with a southern accent. She teases us all the time and keeps us in good spirits.

- Chris' levels went up a bit by themselves and he needed NO blood or platelets!! White blood cells from .2 to .4 and Red blood cells from 24 to 26 and Platelets from 11 to 18.  This was very exciting. We thought this meant that he would just steadily increase from here. Even though he didn't actually FEEL any better, we hoped this meant he would start to feel better soon.  It was like the first gust of a fresh wind in a hot, stale summer month. Hope!

- Since it was the day before Thanksgiving there were some extra nice things for the nurses. A lunch was brought in from some local favorite Mexican restaurant and a masseuse was there to give the nurses 15 min massages. Amanda walked by our room around lunch time and with a glint in her eye asked the other nurse if they could manage to feed a pregnant lady. :) So they made me a plate of some yummy Mexican food for lunch. Poor Chris couldn't have it, but he was kind and kept saying he was glad that at least I could enjoy it.  Amanda walked by a little bit later with another glint in her eye and told me she had a surprise for me. Her and a few other of our favorite nurses had worked it out so the masseuse lady snuck me into the rotation somehow. I had 15 min of relaxing music, warm oils and a shoulder, back, head and face massage. oooooh I melted. My friends told me I looked like I was drunk walking out of that massage room. I'm not sure about that but I do know it felt amazing.  I love my nurse friends. There really is a special feeling in the clinic.

- The last surprise of the day is NOT a good one. Around the time (10:00pm) I was giving Chris the extra dose of IV antibiotics (Vancomycin...a new medication since he had a fever of 100.5 for a couple of minutes the night before) Chris said he felt warm and asked me to take his temperature. It was 101.8. Not good. Another high fever.  Since it went down by it self the night before within just a few minutes, we decided to give it some time and finish the 90 min Vancomycin infusion before calling the after-hours cancer number.  45 min later, it was still high..100.8. So we called and were headed back to the hospital an hour later. We start the admissions process on the 10 floor Stem Cell Transplant inpatient wing  at 12:30am and  it wasn't until 2:30am that Chris and I were finally able to brush our teeth and try and sleep for the night.  The nurse had wanted to get 2 sets of blood cultures started, one from his line/port and one 'peripherally'...which means they had to stick him. This TOTALLY took us by surprise, we thought he'd never have to get stuck again as long as he had the tri-fusion catheter in.  Chris absolutely hates getting poked and I don't blame him since they always have a hard time.  They always (and this time was no exception) end up digging around and then trying in a different spot or two. By the end he was just exhausted from lack of sleep and feeling pretty low about everything.  We were both disappointed to be back in the hospital ...especially since we knew we'd be here for Thanksgiving now.

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