Tuesday, December 3, 2013

All together in Nashville

We were all together in Nashville for just over 24 hours. After seeing the kids in the hotel on the first night and helping them get ready for bed we left them once again in the care of Tiffany and Jordan. It felt a bit weird to say goodbye so soon but Chris and I were both pretty tired after it, especially Chris.  Gwen had been throwing up a few days before and we wanted to keep the apartment a safe and sanitary place for Chris so they all stayed at the hotel and Chris and I slept in the apartment. 

We met at a local gem: The Pancake Pantry for breakfast. Then Chris was all tuckered out and headed back to the apartment with Jordan while Tiff and I took the kids to a park.
We grabbed some lunch at a grocery store and ate it outside the apartment, determined to keep down the germs in the apartment. 

 But....the kids really wanted to see the inside so we let them take a peek inside as long as they kept their hands in their pockets and didn't touch anything.
Then we left Chris there to rest and Jordan work some more and took the kids back to the hotel for some 'quiet time' with a movie. I think I was the only one to fall asleep. :) Chris met us there close to dinner and I administered his LAST DOSE of IV antibiotics!! (These doses had been getting me out of bed a couple of times each night...and we were SO happy to have Chris' levels high enough to be done with them.) We had the kids wash their hands, sanitize and glove them to let them help push in the last flushes. They loved it.

Then we walked down the street to TGIF for dinner.

 That night I slept with the kids at the hotel since Chris' uncle Todd had flown in late and slept with Chris at the apartment and since I had to take Jordan to the airport early.  With the car all packed and checked out of the hotel, Tiff, the kids and I went to the Stem Cell Clinic to say goodbye to Chris for 17 days. It was fun to show the kids where Chris and I had been for so long while they were in UT. I admit, I was also really wanting to show my kids off to the nurses. They had to hear me talk about my kids all the time and I wanted them to see how cute my children were.

The nurses were not disappointed. My kids are amazingly adorable.

Saying goodbye to Chris was painful and I, to know ones surprise I'm sure, ended up crying. How would he survive without me? How would I survive without him?  I drowned my sorrow in pastries at one last stop to the bakery: Au Bon Pain. 

And then we were off! On the road back home to Mississippi. Good thing Tiff and Clara were with us to help distract us and keep us laughing and busy. 

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Karen Petersen said...

Thanks for taking the time to post all the details of what is going on in your life. I can't imagine how hard this is for you and your family. I can't imagine doing this while 8 months pregnant! I pray for your family daily that you may have the strength, capacity you need to deal with this.