Monday, December 16, 2013

Chris comes home!!!!

Chris' levels all week had made steady progress. All but his red blood cells were in a satisfactory amount and barring some new infection the nurses told Chris he could probably go home 5 days early...meaning on FRIDAY! Both Brittany and I were quite anxious to have our husbands home.

Thursday night I had a Relief Society meeting and Brittany graciously finished putting all 6 kids to bed by herself so I could go.  She is amazing. Earlier that day, Chris had his tri-fusion catheter line taken out and had his last appointment at the clinic giving him the "all clear" to go home the next day.  I really enjoyed telling my friends at the RS meeting that Chris was indeed, for sure, coming home the next day.

I had lots to do to get my surprise finished for Chris and I contemplated pulling an all nighter to finish. I had gotten texts from Chris throughout the afternoon about what things at the Nashville apartment were ours. Brittany and I kept dropping strong hints that they should pack the car tonight so they can leave first thing in the morning. I was on the floor cutting and sewing curtains when I heard my phone bling a txt and then a knock on the back door and for some reason I knew who it was.  I jumped up as quickly as my 8 month pregnant body would go and raced to the door.  There they handsome Chris and his smiling brother Thom. I leapt (at least that is what I attempted to do) into Chris' arms, ignoring my squished tummy, and held him as tight and as long as I could.

Our sweet boys wanted to surprise us and had packed as quickly as they could after Chris' clinic appointment and got on the road around 6:00pm and drove on the dark country roads for the entire 5 hour drive home to surprise us. So happy!! It felt like ages since I had seen Chris and I couldn't help but shed some tears as I thought about our family finally being home together.

Gwen woke up at 5:00 am (not uncommon for that week) and the very first thing she said to me as I walked in her room and tried to get her to go back to sleep was...."Is Daddy home?!?"  By 6:15 all the kids had run into our room with smiles on their faces from one ear to the next as they hugged and mauled their sleeping Daddy. Alec was sure to clarify our statement of " and he doesn't have to go back to the hospital!" with the question of, "ever? ever again?"

Brittany had to take baby Jane to the doctors Friday morning, Thom had to work from home and Chris was beyond tired and needed to sleep all day. I started unpacking all the stuff they brought home from the apartment and we all looked forward to Friday Night Movie Night. The entire MSU football team was at some promotional at Little Caesars that night when I picked up the pizza. Alec was surprised how "big" and "fat" all the football players were in real life. Pretty fun.

Saturday we hung around home and played and ended up going for a long long walk on campus. (More on the repercussion of that walk later...) The missionaries dropped off some soup and bread from an anonymous provider and we ate that for dinner.  My mom was flying into Birmingham late that night and we tried to get the house cleaned up and ready for her arrival. I had planned on picking her up myself but I was leaking fluid ever since the walk and was feeling nervous and anxious about the baby so I stayed home and let Thom and Chris make the almost 6 hour drive round trip.

I made up a cot in Gwen and Charlie's room for my mom, using the king sized memory foam topper, had Alec sleeping on the bean bag in the hallway (oh! before I forget, Alec lost his front tooth the night before!...he is getting SO BIG and seeing him sprawl over the edges of our bean bag makes him look even bigger). Jackson slept on a crib mattress on the floor, Graham and Jane each in a pack 'n play, and Thom and Brittany slept in the queen airmattress/cot/memory  foam topper bed....all together in Alec's bedroom. Then Chris and I (finally!) together at home in our own bed. We had a full house.

Thom and Brittany decided to leave a few days early since Jackson and Graham each had coughs that were getting a little worse each day. Also, the doctors thought Jane had a virus that was causing all her diarrhea, and an ear infection! (Poor Brittany really had had her hands full all week) In hopes of sparing our family from getting this virus/cough, they decided to head to UT Sunday morning.

So for most of Sunday, it was just my mom and our little family.  Since Chris has been so tired and just living normal life at home wears him out even more than his quiet secluded life in Nashville, he has been needing extra naps.  I was still leaking fluid and by Sunday night I KNEW that I was not just peeing my pants. I woke up a lot during the night, changed out my soaked pads and anxiously awaited for Monday morning to dawn so I could call my doctor.

P.S. By the way, my surprise for Chris still isn't finished, but its ok because to be honest, I knew he wouldn't really care about it. It was a complete makeover of our downstairs. Tiff and I switched the play room to the front entryway space and made the play room a dining room. We ordered some nice folding wooden dining room chairs, and bought fabric to hang mock curtains on all the tall windows (hung with command hooks instead of drilling holes in the walls for rods).  We had planned to stain our old dining room table a deeper brown to match the new chairs and got 1/2 way through that project before we ran into problems staining outside in a thunderstorm at 100% humidity and ran out of time to finish it before Tiffany had to leave, but tablecloths can work wonders as a cover-up. We moved the heavy piano from the entryway to the dining room and the white shelf with all the toys to where the piano was (quite a feat for us two!...seeing as how I could barely help myself....mainly Tiff did it all by herself). We organized, gave away and put away the toys in the toy closet and unpacked the remaining boxes in the entry way and upstairs. We decorated for Christmas and hung maps up in the new dining room. It was a huge project but makes such a difference in how organized and homey it feels here. I had been refusing to unpack and really settle since I am so anxious to move out of this house, but living in limbo isn't so good for my emotions. And Tiff pointed out that all the organizing, unpacking, even decorating here is just going to make our next move and settling in even easier.

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