Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Home with Tiff

When we got home we had a big surprise waiting for us. This wonderful family from our ward, who we had asked to just de-cockroach the house for me and maybe turn on the heat, had gone above and beyond. 

I could tell the house had been cleaned, even the baseboards wiped, and some laundry folded in baskets next to some wrapped presents to everyone in our family! I spied groceries on the counter and found the fridge and freezer stocked! Amazing. We must have surprised them with our timing because it looked like they were in the middle of doing even more for us since I saw my box of Christmas decorations out and the Christmas lights laid out on the floor. They showed up within 10 min and continued to work and serve us for the next hour or more. They winterized all the windows (even vacuumed them all out) helped Tiff and I unload the car, set up the Christmas tree, put up some outdoor Christmas lights and I find out they even put fresh sheets on all the beds for us. 

 I was a little overwhelmed but much more grateful to not have come home to a empty, cold, spider webbed and cockroached covered house. 

My sister Tiffany is amazing. She does it all and goes goes goes all day. She took care of me and my kids and helped me do some big and fun projects around the house to help me feel more settled and happy living there. I'll post pictures once Chris comes home since it's a surprise to him. 

She fed me my first fresh vegetables in about a month, it seemed. I love her healthy cooking 

We also had a combined branch Christmas gathering party with yummy food and good company. The kids did a little program and Alec had a long part to read at the end. He did great! I'm so impressed with how much he's learned in school so far. 

Santa came and gave all the kids a little present. So fun. 

We had fun playing with Clara and are sooo sad to see them go...

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