Monday, December 2, 2013

We're all together again

After 3 long and difficult weeks we're all back together!! Chris and I have missed the kids terribly but we were simultaneously always so glad they were having fun and spending quality time with family in UT... and not stuck around here with us. These past few weeks have been so hard and tiring and stressful and draining we can't imagine how we could have done it with our 3 kids to look after too. 

Seeing them in person and breathing in their presence made me teary. They are all so perfectly scrumptious I could hardly stop touching them: tossling their hair, giving them hugs, kissing their cheeks, rubbing their backs, stroking their faces. They were like well behaved angels letting me smother them, the boys wheeling around their suitcases like pros as we walked toward the hotel room. Once we opened the door their little rascal sides broke free and they jumped on the beds and tried to ignore my attempts at getting them ready for bed. Ahhhh there they are. My children that I love. It's so great to be together again even for this short while. 

Chris still has to stay in Nashville for another few weeks. His levels have been steadily going up the past 3 days and he officially reached engraphment yesterday with a neutrophil count of 670!!!  White blood cells were at 1.8, red at 31, and platelets at 87. He gets to stop measuring his input and outtake and after today I get to stop giving him his IV antibiotics.  Hurray!! Here's to an uninterrupted nights sleep (yeah right...I'm 8 months pregnant). 

It does finally feel like the holidays. I'm so excited for Christmas. Chris will come home the week before Christmas Day and we will all finally sleep under the same roof, and be in our own space for the first time in 7 long weeks. 


April said...

WOW! What a story. You truly have so much to be thankful for this year. We are right here beside you, praying for you, each step of the way. Don't forget (and I know you haven't) you are never alone. We are excited to see all of you soon. Let us know what meals we can make and take to you when you get back to MS!

The Heiselts

Cindy Bethel said...

Hi Brittney, I would recommend before you return home to Starkville that you contact university maintenance for the rental you have and have them do a good pest control treatment so it will be aired out before you get back! You should not have this many problems with bugs! I had that when I first rented my house but after one treatment from Northeast Exterminating all the bugs were gone. They will not go away without some type of treatment. I am glad to hear that the kids are there with you all and that Chris is seeing improvement. On another note I do need to try and email or talk briefly of possible this week with Chris but not sure the best way to get in touch with him if he feels up to it! :-) sending positive thoughts and prayers for all of you-Cindy Bethel

Alicia said...

It makes me so happy to see you all back together again!

MandaMommy said...

Hooray! You've finished the Dish and now you just need to run home, right? (That was an analogy in case you couldn't tell...) Love to all of you!