Friday, January 31, 2014

New normal

Somehow the days keep passing and I find it's the end of January!  We've had some good days recently and with Frederick being 6 weeks old, I'm feeling better and better. Nursing doesn't hurt anymore, I'm getting sleep at night in 3 hour chunks, I feel healed from giving birth and am even starting to think about exercising! (There's a 10k, 5k or 1 mile race in a month I'm thinking of entering)

Chris has radiation every weekday morning in Columbus (25min away). He gets up early for that and takes Alec to school on his way then goes into work. He teaches a class Tuesdays/Thursday, goes to meetings and has gotten more into his research. The boys started soccer this week...Alec's first experience with a formal team and coach.  I'm back in the habit of taking Charlie and Gwen to  library story time on Thursdays and to open gymnastics on Fridays...with Frederick in tow.  Chris just got a calling in church - branch executive secretary.   I finally cleaned my room and unpacked the remaining random bags from our numerous hospital stays, and put away the last Christmas presents. Frederick has been smiling a lot recently...I think at us. We have normal problems like our little car being the shop for a week and kids sick with a sore throat / cold. Believe it or not, these typical problems make me happy...they are familiar. 

 I think we've hit a good 'new normal.' Chris and I are still completely out of shape/tire easily, we only use paper products, and cook mainly with freezer meals but we're moving on with life. And that feels so good. 


dixie said...

So glad to hear that you're all surviving and having some good days. Soccer for the boys sounds wonderful--I'll bet they'll love that! Library, gymnastics, normal life. So good to hear about that! We love you. Keep hanging in there.

Radene said...

So glad to hear that there's some familiarity happening. We love you bunches. It will keep getting better, I just know it. We continue to pray for healing and strength. Love you! Radene & Justin

Heather said...

Love all the pictures! Especially the kids In Chris's office...Alec sharing his work, Charlie & Gwen in motion, Frederick happily nearby :-)
Your new normal sounds great!! Press on. Hope on.
Love you