Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Still not done

"For whatever reason" (shout out to my friend Joni who I think of everytime of hear that phrase) ... we are just not done with this. 

Chris is still in the hospital and the doctors here in Starkville are thinking they don't have anything else they can do for him since nothing is stopping the fevers from coming back every 4-6 hours. So they are sending Chris up to Vanderbilt. They have been in contact with the doctors there at Vanderbilt the whole time and have been following their recommendations but I guess it'll just be better to cut out the middle man and get Chris under the direct care of the Vanderbilt doctors.  They have to send Chris in an ambulance because they need to be able to treat him in case something happens on the 5 hour drive to Nashville. And no one else can ride in the ambulance with him. (Perfect timing for insurance to have this happen on the first day of the new year when our out of pocket maximum starts over ...)

Physically, besides feeling feverish a couple of times every day, Chris is doing alright. He still doesn't have a good appetite and even threw up yesterday but inbetween fevers he would be smiling at us and able to get out of bed to use the restroom etc. 

Emotionally, it's just getting worse the longer this goes on. He's sad to miss out on family life at home...Alec lost his other front tooth... He doesn't get to enjoy his mom's cooking or sleep with me at night and barely gets to cuddle his newborn son.  We didn't expect the longest hospital stay to take place after day 40! 

The plan is to take the whole family up to Nashville. I need to be with Chris and also am breastfeeding Frederick and our other children are in need of at least access to one of their parents.

So. Ok. Here we go. Whatever it takes. We have faith in a complete recovery and for many years of normal life ahead of us. We just don't know the timing and have to trust in God to continue to bless us with assistance to make it through one day at a time. 


Shelly Beth said...

Good luck! I think about you often and your amazing testimony through this all. Even though I know it is hard and I am sure there are major times of frustration and sadness, your positive attitude shines through. It might be a struggle to remain positive or not question the timing of this all, but I can tell you are doing your best and I admire every part of you. You are an amazing wife, mother, and woman. You are raising a beautiful family and have more on your shoulders than any young mother I know. I just wanted you to know I love your tender heart and your hard work to do what needs to be done! I pray that Chris heals quickly and that you can get back to "normal" life as soon as possible!

Tiffany said...

Praying for you guys.

Justin said...

There definitely is at least one, and probably more, specific reason(s) for all of this! (...and doubtlessly very very good one(s)) You guys are too wonderful to have to go through this for anything less. We've been fasting for you guys this week, and of course praying always. Thank you so much for always posting everything. We love you!

LML said...

Oh Brittney, you guys have been through so much! I hope Chris feels better soon and makes a speedy recovery. And you to with just having a baby...Congratulations on your new little one. I just pray for rest for your family. Rest from all of this! And your comment about making a birthday cake and using store frosting (!!!) just cracks me up. These past years treating lyme disease I have relied on store bought EVERYTHING just to get by and get dinner on the table for the kids! I am the master of eggs and toast for breakfast. Goodness...I never have even baked a cake since Caroline was 2!!! You are a wonderful Mom and I miss you very much. Anyways, I could write a lot but you will be in my prayers!

LML said...