Monday, February 17, 2014

No snow, snow days and DONE with radiation!

Last week we had a "winter storm" warning.  I guess people were being really cautious because they didn't want anything like what happened in Atlanta recently to happen here. They cancelled school and even college classes for Tuesday. I got so excited to see some snow (people said we might have 4-6 inches!) Then Tuesday morning dawned and...nothing happened. Well, our cars were iced over in the morning, and I'm sure there was ice on all of the bridges.  Someone told me that there were accidents on every bridge from here to Columbus - which is usually the route that Chris drives every morning to go to his radiation appointment. BUT Chris hadn't been deemed healthy enough to continue treatment and he was given Tuesday and Wednesday off.  Over the weekend his sore throat had gotten pretty painful and wasn't eating or drinking enough so when he showed up on Monday, they realized he had lost weight and that triggered them to perform some other tests and labs. He was dehydrated and they sent him up to the chemo bay to get some fluids for the next couple of hours. His voice is completely gone and the break from early morning radiation and from lecturing his class was really good for him. Mondays is normally the day we go grocery shopping, but because of the storm warning EVERYONE and their mom was at the store stocking up in case things got bad. So we hunkered down at home, watched the Olympics, trashed the house, took naps and played with legos. They ended up cancelling everything again for Wednesday since the weather was still going to be "wintry." At least this time there were some flurries, but nothing stuck...not even ice. 
Chris helped the boys build this awesome race car out of legos without any instructions. This picture doesn't really do it justice, its over a foot long.

Also we got a cute home made package from Chris' cousin and his wife with a doll, marshmallow guns, safety masks, burp cloths, and a cute bag of pick-me-ups for me.  It was well timed because those no snow snow days were a bit tough on my housekeeping skills and that always makes me feel a bit down.  This reminds me of another cute package we got recently from Chris' other cousin with huge squish able stuffed animals and new clothes for the kids. The kids love getting packages and we're very grateful and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family. 

We all stayed in our PJs for too long and enjoyed Frederick's smiles and coo-ing attempts. Daddy seems to be especially good with getting Freddy to have a conversation with him. 

Also, I've had some fun getting caught up on all the quilting packets from the previous couple of months. For some reason, I was too busy to sew. I always think its going to turn out terrible because I'm not good at keeping the seams even but as soon as I iron it, it magically turns out! Kinda fun. 

Friday, February 7, 2014


Life goes on, especially for our little Frederick! He is growing and developing so fast. I was at a baby shower last night and saw a tiny 4 week old and I got to see in real time all the changes that can happen in just 3 weeks.

He is awake a lot more during the day and holds his head up really well. He loves to be held up right. Sometimes it is like a magic button.  He could be laying down in your arms, crying and if you just put both your hands under his armpits so he's sitting up his eyelids will start to droop and within seconds he could be fast asleep. 

And the best part is he's smiling! I've noticed him trying to smile more in the past two weeks but it was just three days ago that I knew for sure his smiles were directed at me. So fun!! This is how he looks when we are trying to get him to smile: 

And here is his smile:

I got my first 4 hour chunk of sleep 2 nights ago!! Amazing. It's because I went to bed at 9:30 PM since Chris was already fast asleep due to his sore throat. He's actually had a pretty bad sore throat for the past couple of days and has needed to get lots of sleep. We don't know if it's from the radiation or if it's from a cold that has been going around our house the past week. Blessedly, there are only three more days of radiation so if that was the culprit then at least it is almost finished.

Frederick is the love of Charlie's life.  He is CONSTANTLY asking to hold him or burp him or carry him. It doesn't even matter if Frederick is crying. One time Frederick was due for a feeding, and Charlie asked to hold him. I said "you can hold him after I'm done feeding him." But Charlie said he wanted to hold him BEFORE he was fed because he wanted to put Frederick to sleep (meaning he wanted to calm Frederick down) and then I could feed him. Frederick could be crying and crying in Charlie's arms and Charlie will just say, "it's okay, it's okay" over and over again in a patient voice. 

Gwen and Alec love him too and enjoy holding him and kissing him ( well mostly Gwen gives the kisses).  Alec will drop whatever he's doing and run over to me if  there is a chance that Frederick might have smiled. Gwen loves to dote on Frederick too. She'll stroke his head and lovingly croon 'baby cutie pie' or 'baby cutie' or 'baby Freddy.'