Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frederick's blessing

We had a lovely morning on the special Sunday that Frederick was blessed. Chris had to leave early for meetings like usual and I got out of bed earlier too so I could have a better chance at making it to church on time. All the kids needed baths, breakfast and to get dressed so I had my work cut out for me. I was very careful to not get mad or frustrated at the kids because I wanted to be able to have a sweet spirit about us for Frederick's blessing. I tried not to think about the fact that we don't have any family nearby to help make this day feel special or any get together with delicious food. I started singing made up songs to little Freddy about what a special day it was and pretty soon all the kids caught on and everyone pitched in to get ready mostly happily.  Alec set the table and gave everyone their favorite color of bowl and cup...Charlie helped me get Frederick dressed in a new white footsie outfit and held him whenever I couldn't. I even had time to throw a frozen crockpot dinner bag into the crockpot and Gwen peeled some extra potatoes and carrots to enhance it. 

I had the thought (inspiration, I'm sure) to put a few little notebooks and new pens in our church bag. While we weren't exactly early we were very very close to on time to church.  When Chris got up to bless Frederick, I passed out the notebooks and pens to Alec, Charlie and Gwen so they could help me take notes during the blessing (read: so they would stay quiet and occupied so I could listen and focus!) It worked! Chris gave a very nice blessing. These things stood out to me: 

That Frederick was born into a family full of love and God's love and that he can internalize, reflect and magnify that love.  He was blessed with the ability to feel the Spirit and to quiet his own mind. Also that he would be a true friend and brother, bring others closer to Christ and find his place in time and in God's eternal family. 

Frederick looked so cute in his soft white footsie onesie. I wish we could've gotten more pictures of him. 

I made carrot cake as a celebratory treat and brought some to our first branch choir practice.  We're getting ready for a Good Friday musical fireside. 

Turns out all my pictures of his blessing day are on our home computer so here are a bunch of The Cutie Pie I took of him the morning I was supposed to be packing for our spring break beach trip...his cuteness distracted me. 

And here are finally the pictures from his blessing day

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Heather said...

New baby blessings are such sweet & tender times. Frederick is truly a gift from our loving Father in Heaven. Thanks for sharing your successes for that dear day!
We love you...