Sunday, March 30, 2014

Work with daddy = fun with mommy

The kids love to go to work with Chris. They dream about their turn many days before it actually happens. They will pack their own backpack with a few small toys, paper and coloring utensils, and some snacks. Charlie lasted from just before lunch to dinner time at Chris' office.

Gwen and I painted each other's nails and made chocolate banana n'ice cream shakes. She actually held really still for her turn and did a fairly decent job on my nails. I was way impressed. 

Gwen's turn to go to work with Chris was a few days later and she lasted about an hour. :) Charlie and I still had time to play soccer and make another shake so it ended up being fine. Fun times. 

In Frederick news he can be very vocal at times and is the cutest talker. 

He still wakes up at least twice during my night so that's a bit rough but he's filling out nicely and loves to be rocked and bounced which gives me a nice workout. I don't know if it's because of it being #4, or not being able to run throughout the pregnancy, or the stress(eating) of the past 6 months, or because I'm almost 30....but man, this baby weight is just hanging around. No fun.  But I sure so love these quiet moments: 

And these silly, and loud playmates make me smile:

Alec is working hard in school and getting fantastic grades, reading well and excitedly doing math problems (the harder the more excited he gets) and singing made up songs that say, "I like is cool" Inspired by Bill  Nye. Poor boy is gone most of the day and therefore doesn't get many picture taken of him but I'm often caught off guard by his good looks. He looks just like his Daddy. 


dixie said...

Love these pictures. Charlie and Gwen are just growing up.

Katie B. said...

I love how Alec and Gwen have the exact same fake smiles in the costume picture.