Sunday, April 20, 2014


I love the chance to really focus and celebrate our Savior's infinite sacrifice and His beautiful resurrection.  It was especially meaningful for me to get to teach Relief Society on that Sunday as I prepared the whole week long.  I've learned more these past few months about how His Atonement makes a difference in my daily troubles and trials. How his suffering covers and carries me through the imperfections of my life. The promise and hope of eternal life as families is the greatest blessing of knowing the reality of His Resurrection. Because of Him, all trials are traversable and life can be pleasant regardless of circumstance.  I love this movie: 

Our branch put on a Good Friday Musical Fireside that we were all involved with. Chris and I sang in our Branch Choir and did a few numbers, Alec, Charlie and Gwen sang with the primary and did a few songs, I organized and led some of the older children in playing bells during one of their songs, sang in a trio that turned into a duet, had a difficult solo: O Divine Redeemer, made the program, and brought some food. Yikes. I was pretty nervous about everything but we had a lovely evening despite a small-ish turn out and me not quite rockin' my least I got through it.  A local Baptist choir performed some songs too. They were about 6 older gentleman accompanied by a brilliant young piano player and sang some real Southern Gospel style, call and response type of songs: I woke up in the Mo'nin' with my mind on Jesus etc. Then A counselor in the Alabama, Birmingham Mission spoke and we served refreshments. Focusing on that Musical Fireside meant we didn't get a whole lot of other Easter Week celebrations in besides FHE and coloring eggs.  This was the least prepared for Easter Day, I had been in a while and didn't really have all the bells and whistles for the kids' baskets, but that's not what is important anyway and the kids didn't seem to notice. 

About halfway through Sacrament meeting, Chris tells me that the dizziness he's been feeling for the last couple of days (the first listed side effect for both of Chris' post-stem-cell-transplant medications) has gotten bad enough that he felt like he needed to go lay down in the car. It was a little crazy getting all the kids ready for church by myself (since Chris has early meetings), putting something in the crockpot for dinner and getting stuff ready for my Relief Society lesson I was teaching at I wasn't super excited about him leaving but poor guy looked pretty miserable.  The lesson went alright, Frederick was helpful and slept through it.

When we got home from Chruch, Chris was still feeling terribly dizzy and needed to go sleep until dinner. The playdo in the kids' Easter basket kept them happily entertained for almost 2 hours and Frederick fell asleep in the Johnny-Jump-Up.  So I was able to enjoy making dinner and a yummy lemon cake. 

We got invited over to a good friend's house for Easter Dinner and an egg hunt. We all had a blast. It really helps having friends around to celebrate holidays with when our family is so far away. 

We managed to fit in our traditional Easter Egg Roll before bedtime. We each had 3 eggs... and the winner was...

Me! I think this is the second time in my life I've won. Yeah, it feels pretty awesome. 

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Heather said...

wonderful newsy post!! Thanks Britt :-)
I also love that Because of Him video…never tire of seeing it & being reminded how blessed my life is Because of Him...