Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy popcycle picnic

The spring here has been really nice! Albeit there have been lots of rain, thunder etc, but its also not very hot. We enjoyed some fun on a blanket outside today while we whittled away the house until Daddy comes home so we can have Friday Night Movie Night. 

Gwen started freaking out either because her hands were sticky or because part of her popcycle dropped... I can't remember which thing actually set her off. To try and distract her, I used the boys sudden camera shyness to make a game out of trying to get their picture taken. 

It worked! Not only did Gwen stop crying, but I got a great surprise picture of the kids by flipping the camera to take a picture from the screen side of the phone while the kids came over to look at the previous shots. 

And Frederick is just a cutie pie. 

Speaking of cutie pies, Gwen loves to read to Frederick and he likes it too! She has such great facial expressions and uses a variety of voices as she makes up stories to match the pictures. (you can kind of see her lingering black eye from a golf ball incident a few days early. She had the biggest goose egg I have ever seen!) 

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Heather said...

sweet times!!! Frederick looks so adorable in Navy & his startlingly blue eyes :-)