Friday, April 11, 2014

It's time for the masters!

Gwen and Charlie wanted to go hit balls after watching a bit of the Masters with Chris this morning. Ever mindful of the proper attire, Charlie made sure Gwen and him both had one glove on, and sunglasses. Gwen made sure they had a good snack: three big marshmallows.

The weather today is peeeerfect. It gets us so excited to have a big backyard soon. All this finalizing/inspections etc when you buy a house takes soooo long but I guess it's good because we need the time to figure out the renovations.


JillSF said...

Looks like they were having fun - great grass area!
I was wondering if you evefinished the last 2 pages in your quiet book begun August 2008 - the buckle bear and zipper backpack?

brittney said...

Woah, that quiet book post took me back! While I haven't forgotten about the book (we still use it!) I had completely forgotten about the last two pages. I think I still have the materialMaybe I could finish it for baby number 4!

JillSF said...

Thanks for your reply Brittney. I really like your pages and intend to start another Quiet Book - still deciding on what pages. My last was of the alphabet with interactive pages throughout. It came from a book which I think I lent which is sad as I didn't get it back. Happy pages with the bear and backpack. Look forward to seeing them in time.