Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Alec got glasses!

In the middle of all the craziness last fall, we got a note from Alec's school saying his eyesight was screened and showed one eye was a bit weak and they recommended he see an eye doctor. I was way surprised, overwhelmed with other things and figured it was semi bogus since Alec could see things just fine.  Then I noticed Alec squinting to see the TV if he was far away and realized he couldn't read the hymnal numbers on the little board at church. But life was still crazy that it wasn't until a month ago that I got him an appointment with an optometrist.

And simple as pie but 50 times more expensive, Alec got glasses! He looks handsome in them, but after a few days I realized I missed seeing his whole face. Between his I-need-a-haircut hair and his glasses, I felt like his cute angel face was hidden. I'm not sure if he has just forgotten to wear them often or if I'm just used to it but I no longer notice any difference...glasses or no. He is happy to have them and enjoys seeing things more clearly. The first day he just kept saying that when he looked down at the ground it seemed really far away...and he read every road sign he could on the way home.  


Christy Harker said...

He's a handsome little guy, that's for sure.

dixie said...

I love that smile. And he looks so great--glasses included. Love you all.