Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pinewood derby

Our branch put on a family pinewood derby. It was a lot if fun. Anyone could make and enter a car. So Chris got kits at the local hardware store and he excitedly took a night to help the kids design their cars. Alec wanted to do the same design as the car on the box of his kit, Charlie and Gwen both picked out a little matchbox car they thought looked cool and tried to copy that. A day it two later I helped the kids paint their cars. 

We had a potluck at the derby and everyone had a blast...especially the dads. They spent a good portion of the night getting everything the right weight and fixing wheels etc. the kids loved watching their cars go down the ramp...since it was held up mainly with stacked hymn books I'm surprised it never fell down! 

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Amy said...

man, that looks so fun! I'm sad we missed it!!