Thursday, July 10, 2014

Inside the house

The walk to the front door. 

The front door and entry way:

A panoramic of the entry way, complete doorway on the left is a 1/2 bath, then up the stairs to the living room and the double doors on the right are a closet.

A panoramic of the Living room, the doorway in the right of the picture leads to the family room. 

The Master bedroom.

Master bathroom, there are two separate little walk in closets behind the camera. 

The blury picture two above is the loft/library off of the living room. Immediately above is the dining room, and below is the kitchen with the breakfast nook on the right side.
Above is the 1 car garage that is right off the kitchen, and below is the family room with the little windowy thing to the kitchen on the left and the open doorway to the living room (you can even see the little railing and starcase in the far distance to the library/nook, and then the french doors take you out to the back deck and the staircase on the far right goes up to the landing and kids' bedrooms.

Below is the biggest of the 3 kids bedrooms.

The small pink kid bedroom

Another small bedroom.
The small upstairs bathroom inbetween the kids' bedrooms.


dixie said...

I love these pictures! A new house for you--we can't wait to come see it in person!

Amy said...

I love it! Congratulations!

MandaMommy said...

It looks beautiful! I can't wait to visit you there someday! I am suuuuuuuuuuper excited for you guys! Here are some more exclamation marks just because !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!