Monday, August 25, 2014

Archibald Extravaganza: pre wedding and Chris' birthday

Before the Wedding Festivities could begin we had to celebrate Chris' birthday and get in some classic UT activities such as golfing at East Bay and eating at La Casita and Bombay House.

These boys look so grown up carrying their clubs around.

Because we knew we would all be gorging ourselves on wedding cake, Chris graciously allowed us to substitute his birthday cake for some birthday trifle. Dixie's trifle. I'm glad Chris had lots of family around to help make his day special, since I didn't have a lot to offer him myself.  

I'm SOOO grateful that we could celebrate another year of his life.  He's my best friend, my anchor, my safety, my joy, my champion, my support, my love, my life. 

Tiffany helped me do the corsages and boutonnieres for Edward and Kayla's wedding. Its always fun doing flower things with her! 

Frederick had solid food for the first time! He loved rice cereal and ate it up pretty good. Of course, he always tried to suck it off the spoon with his well developed, super kissable sucking cheeks, but somehow still managed to gobble down all the rice cereal, every time.  Also, Dixie told us about how Jess is giving Cyrus lots of regular food in finger-sized portions at this early 7 month age. So we experimented with Freddy and gave him some strawberries and watermelon. He pretty much thought he was in paradise. He would suck and gnaw on everything until it was a pulp.  He also gagged a lot which was very scary for us, but after a week or so, he seemed to refine his gagging skills and gave us less and less scares. 

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