Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Archibald Extravaganza: Heber Reunion

The day after the wedding, We all (except the bride and groom) drove up to Heber to stay in this big house all together for a few days. It was so fun to sleep in the same house. Usually, when we come to UT, Jess and her kids stay at their own house and we get together during the days, but that leaves out a lot of 'together time' around waking up, bedtime and post-bedtime. There were enough bedrooms for the older cousins to share a bunk room and Chris told or read them stories every night. We somehow lucked out with the sleeping arrangements and got the master suite - and it was SWEET! It was our first experience with a master bath and a walk-in closet. The double shower and king bed were huge! 

We really didn't leave the house much except for an outing or two. We walked down to the fishing hole and fished. The kids LOVED this, although no one caught any fish. I think one of the cousins, Jackson or Graham 'caught' a cool magnetic ball bracelet thing. 

Grandpa taught the older cousins how to cast and reel in a fishing rod.  He told them he used to fish when he was a boy. 

Cy and Freddy are so close in age and so cute to see side by side. Cyrus has such a deep voice, it is super cute to hear him babble and talk. 

Kayla and Edward made an appearance and stayed the night twice towards the end of the week. Kayla feels like one of the family.  She seems like a perfect last puzzle piece to the Archibald family. We really had such a nice time all together, I really love this family I married into. 

We mainly hung around the house - doing puzzles, playing outside in the sprinklers and hot tub, watching movies, taking naps, eating food, doing crafts. The boys went golfing one morning and later in the afternoon the girls went shopping at the outlets in Park City.  Most nights the adults all gathered in a room and talked. We planned our next reunion (an adult-only trip to WA for the 2015 US open!!), sat around the projector and looked through the old family slides, shared spiritual experiences, did puzzles, and ate popcorn, wedding cake, and peanut M&Ms. It was a perfect family reunion. 

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