Thursday, August 28, 2014

Betteridge Heber Reunion

First off, we all just love this boy. He's so good at eating and will eat ANYTHING. He loves to much on onions, pickles, celery, green onions, apples, watermelon, pizza, cucumbers etc. Mostly he loves breads and crackers.

Our Betteridge reunion happened to be in the house next door to the one we rented for the Archibald reunion the previous month. Kinda funny. It had 8 bedrooms, a huge game room with ping pong and pool tables and a theater room, and a playground, firepit and flat grassy area outback.  It was just about perfect for our size of group (some of the things were falling apart in the the sink, hottub, grill ... but the home still had an open luxurious feel to it). Again we lucked out with the pick of the rooms and were given the master suite. I felt pretty guilty about it at first but then got over it. I think because we have the youngest baby and the recovering cancer patient people were being extra nice to us.

Our first day we celebrated the Birthdays: Gwen, Dyln and Lynae with cake and ice cream and just explored the place.

We also held our first official meeting and talked about the schedule and activities for the reunion. It was kind of a Survival/Emergency Preparedness theme reunion. My sister and brother organized this weeklong game of performing or learning about survival skills and getting points for each thing you do. Then the points can be redeemed for prizes. It was supposed to just be a filler activity that you take a few minutes to do in between meals or down time or whatever, but the kids were so motivated for the prizes that they were like survival nutjobs for the whole second day, running from adult to adult asking them to help them learn/do then cross off some skill. It was kind of exhausting but also pretty interesting. I learned how to do lots of knots, find North and South using shadows, use a HAM radio, make a tepee, identify edible plants, update our family's emergency plan, build a fire, make a bow and arrow, find animal tracks etc...

 We also had one of my sister's friends come up to Heber to take family pictures. Its fun to document the kids and family at various ages. I always love having a recent family picture.  The kids were pretty good champs about it all and lasted longer than they should've been expected to.  Grandma and Grandpa were prepared with "encouragement" in the form of fruit snacks and tic tacs. :)

All the grandsons: (we tried getting a picture of the granddaughters, but we had some young, strong-willed sweeties that had been asked to smile and hold still for too long...understandably so!)

All the grandkids:

We can never have too many pictures of our Frederick. 

The kids really enjoyed the wild area above the hill in the backyard. They built their own forts and tepees and had lots of unsupervised cousin time - which is good for them.

The adult fun began when the kids went to bed, strictly by 8:00. We had lots of tournaments: pingpong, pool, washer-toss, ladder ball, and spike ball. We also spent a portion of each evening taking turns sharing about some spiritual insight or lesson we had this past year. I really enjoyed doing that and connecting with my amazing siblings and parents in such meaningful ways. Chris and I were in charge of the evening activities and had MSU tshirts for tournament prizes. We also played lots of games and watched a few movies. We stayed up pretty late many nights just enjoying being together. 

One morning we went on a 'hike' that got downgraded to a walk around the neighborhood. Euhh... you can't win them all. We practiced making some survival knots on this big long rope thinking it would help the kids be safe as we crossed roads etc... but after only 100 feet or so, we realized all the kids had let go of the rope and were running up ahead while all the adults held onto the looped rope. Ha!

Other activities included an all-inclusive game of missionary tag before bed and a day trip to swim at a cool Rec Center pool with water slides and lazy river. Chris did a magic show for all the kids (all the adults watched too) Sunday afternoon. It turned out pretty good and his orange trick with the ripped card was very impressive. 

Monday morning was check out and clean up. We did a paper airplane throwing game to give out the last of the survival prizes.  The meals were all really simple but yummy and we rotated on a schedule for cooking and clean-up. It is always nice to gather as an ENTIRE family even if its a little crazy with so many kids. We love our Betteridge family so much and feel blessed to know all of them. Seriously, every sibling and spouse is really nice and fun to be around we all just enjoy being together. Can't wait for next year. 

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